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IT Services Berlin

You are looking for an IT service in Berlin? We at ComputerButler are the right contact. Our IT service offers understandable support and ensures that your IT works securely and efficiently. IT services for Linux and Windows systems, user support as well as support for network structures are offered in addition to other services. Your IT should function securely and reliably. At the same time, you should be able to react quickly and flexibly to changes with your IT. ComputerButler ensures that your IT network runs smoothly so that you do not suffer any data loss or server failure. Our IT service acts preventively to prevent data compromise.

IT service in Berlin ? indispensable for companies

Anyone who runs a business knows that a functioning IT infrastructure is important. Industry, commerce and other corporate structures can suffer economic damage if data is compromised, data is lost or server systems fail. In addition to a functioning technical network, scalable IT planning is also essential. With a future-proof IT you can react quickly to changing developments in business operations without having to restructure the entire IT infrastructure. ComputerButler provides reliable and flexible IT that can be quickly adapted to the constantly changing circumstances in your business.

ComputerButler ? IT service made to measure

You can have scalable IT solutions planned directly by us. Our services are contractually agreed with you and aligned with your business processes. ComputerButler in Berlin offers services that can complement your IT department. If you do not have an IT department and are looking for an all-round service, then you can rely on us. ComputerButler can reduce your business risk by providing professional IT services. You can focus on your core business. We arrange service hours and take IT capacity off your hands.

IT Service in Berlin ? Services

Service contracts with ComputerButler may include, for example, the following services:

  • Support of the IT network
  • Hardware procurement
  • Support for users (on site, by phone or remotely)
  • Consulting services on the subject of IT security
  • Consulting services for IT optimization and IT expansion
  • Maintenance, monitoring and IT infrastructure operation

ComputerButler's experienced technicians are there for you and can be reached by phone, for example. If you have an IT problem, we act promptly and try to solve your problem by phone, remotely or on site. On-call services can also be arranged with us. We adapt our services to your business operations. You can track and transparently view the costs you incur at any time via a ticket system.

IT Service Berlin - Core Competencies

ComputerButler's services are offered for Linux systems, MS Windows systems, MS Windows clients and MS Windows servers, for example. Our expertise also includes MS Exchange Support, Outlook Support, Linux Support and virtualization using VMware. Our technicians take care of Sophos Firewalls and create backup systems. Furthermore we are responsible for your backup management and create a suitable VPN (Virtual Private Network). We can integrate NAS storage systems and advise you in detail on modern IT technology. We procure and install IT systems and take care of the maintenance of your IT infrastructure. If you wish, we can also take care of an efficient, optimised migration of your systems.

IT support

ComputerButler is your central IT support and supports you in all IT issues. We offer you a comprehensive service helpdesk and can be reached quickly during office hours. Our product portfolio also includes on-call service, which you can arrange with us individually. We process all requests reliably. ComputerButler complies with ITIL standards on request.

Remote Support

Via remote desktop software, we can securely access your IT systems and quickly fix problems. ComputerButler also performs remote maintenance via remote desktop software. For example, Teamviewer is used as remote access software. Our technicians work with users on the identical interface, so that the work steps can be followed. IT problems can thus be solved quickly. Remote access is encrypted. Unauthorized persons cannot access the remote support due to the encryption.

Telephone support

Small IT problems can often be solved over the phone. We help quickly and competently. If more complex difficulties arise, we document them and pass on the documentation for solution. A team of technicians can then take action, for example, via remote support or solve the difficulties on site. The technicians of ComputerButler in Berlin deal with individual IT problems and take time for you.

Employee training

ComputerButler offers training for IT users. We cater to your needs and focus on your company. Our specialists develop individual training concepts for your organization.

IT Emergency Service

Has an IT emergency occurred? Then ComputerButler in Berlin will help you quickly. We are available for you on call. We also offer our services on a project basis and can be on call for the duration of the project. Whether you want general advice or have an acute emergency and are not yet a customer of ours, give us a call. ComputerButler will submit you an interesting IT service offer.

IT service for server and cloud systems

Do you use servers to run applications on the extranet, intranet or Internet? Then we can help you to use IT resources effectively and optimally. ComputerButler shows you the efficient use of cloud systems and server virtualization. Both server virtualization and cloud systems are flexibly scalable and offer resource advantages. The capacity of servers increases enormously with a cloud.

Legacy servers are not designed for the growing demands of IT and Big Data. The limited systems make a fundamental infrastructure change necessary when business processes have to be changed. By using cloud systems you can react flexibly to changes. ComputerButler offers cloud support and cloud consulting to quickly adapt your IT infrastructure to changing requirements. Through cloud consulting, you can find the right business solution. We also support you in cloud usage and introduce the desired cloud systems in your organization.IT services in the cloud area:

  • Cloud System Consulting
  • Cloud System Planning
  • Cloud System Realization
  • Operation of cloud systems
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Security of cloud systems

ComputerButler Berlin ? regional and supraregional

Our services in the IT service area are intended for public institutions, industry and commerce as well as other companies. We will also work for associations. If you run an institution or a company with 10 or more employees, then come to us. ComputerButler offers service and services regionally in Berlin as well as nationwide in Germany.

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