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Berlin is not considered the trend capital of Germany for nothing. We see ComputerButler as part of this innovative development and together we are advancing Germany as an IT location. In the field of software development, we offer various software-based solutions for computers and the Internet.

We develop for different systems such as Windows, Apple, iOS, Android or Linux. Thanks to the continuous training of our employees in Berlin, no operating system is foreign to them. They approach your wishes in a targeted manner and ensure smooth development.


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Software development Berlin

Looking for software development with added value? Then ComputerButler in Berlin is the right place for you. We provide customized software solutions that enable you to work efficiently. Through effective and individual software development you can get decisive competitive advantages. ComputerButler supports for example the areas of web development, application development, mobile app development and database programming.

ComputerButler ? Advantages of individual software development

With custom software development, you can effectively shape every phase of the project. Increasing productivity is an important goal of our experienced developers. Our experienced team is at your side with modern know-how and supports you in the planning of necessary software. We are also available in the areas of performance optimization, enhancement and software design. ComputerButler also offers consulting on IT networks and security solutions.

Software development ? what is it ?

Web development and app development are often mentioned in the same context as software development. However, the three different IT development areas have different fields of activity. Below we go into more detail about the individual development areas and explain what you can expect from ComputerButler.

Software can be changed and configured according to your wishes. Hardware, on the other hand, is the physical components of a PC that can only be changed through replacement and hardware upgrades. Software dictates the framework in which the hardware should operate. Software solution developers program application, development and system software.

System software ? what is meant by this?

System software includes, for example, operating systems, system-related software areas and utility programs. The system software is responsible for controlling the PC processes and ensures communication with the PC hardware. The system software uses the PC resources. System software works with very complex codes that are usually not seen by the user of a PC. Well-known operating systems, such as Linux, Apple's macOS and Windows, are part of the system software.

Development software ? what is meant by this?

Software developers use development software to create application and system software. In the so-called web development, development software is also used. The software for developing web solutions and system as well as application solutions is usually used with programming languages. The development software is virtually a tool for programming that works like a kind of template and is essential for software developers. Through development software and especially frameworks, a software developer does not have to rewrite every code. When developing a new project, the software developer can save time and work efficiently with the right development software. Frameworks, also referred to as development frameworks, allow for rapid and focused software development. Frameworks are also known as integrated development environments, or IDEs for short. In addition to integrated development environments, entire code structures or libraries can also be specified. Toolkits or specific tools are available to help software developers with their work. Without frameworks and corresponding tools, manual work would only be possible in a very time-consuming way.

Application software ? what exactly is it?

Computer programs that are used to solve user problems as well as computer application programs belong to the so-called application software. End users use application software on a daily basis.

Application software includes, for example:

  • Social networking programs (Facebook, Twitter and Co.)
  • media player
  • Word processing programs
  • Desktop programs
  • Invoicing software
  • Accounting software
  • Databases
  • Management software
  • Spreadsheets
  • Internet browser
  • E-mail programs
  • Games (also online games)
  • Photo Editing Programs
  • Video and audio programs
  • Software for business areas
  • Enterprise Software
  • Messenger systems
  • Navigation services
  • Mobile Apps and Web Apps
  • Utilities (tools for solving user problems)
  • cloud software

Mobile app development and web development

Software development also includes the development of apps. App is a term that is often used in linguistic usage. An app is actually an application software. Application is the long form of app and that means application. However, the term app is used in the vernacular for mobile applications. The mobile apps are understood as applications for users on tablet computers and smartphones. Other smart devices, such as smart watches or smarthome applications also fall under the category of mobile apps.

The line between web development and mobile app development blurs with web apps. Web apps are a hybrid form of software and web development. It is therefore not surprising that ComputerButler offers both web and software development. We develop dynamic websites for you in the so-called Responsive Webdesign. Web presences of companies no longer have to be successfully displayed only on desktop PCs. Through Responsive Design, your web presence will also be displayed on smartphones and tablet PCs without any problems. We make sure your business has an interesting web presence so that internet users stay on your website no matter what device they are using. We also establish cloud systems and can thus offer you location-independent and computer-independent operation of software applications.

Agile Software Development with ComputerButler

Agile software development is a model-based software development that is often preferred by modern companies. Model-based software development is oriented towards a global infrastructure. A modern and evolving global infrastructure includes the Internet of Things and AI (?Artificial Intelligence?). Software development has a great importance in a company and will continue to become more important in the future. It is therefore advisable that companies organize themselves well and in a modern way. Companies are already using external IT companies to ensure agile, model-based software development. In the field of agile software development, certain models are distinguished. The best-known models include the Scrum model, the V model and the waterfall model. The three models differ in phase length and designation. However, they have three software development phases in common. Thus, the first phase in all three models includes planning, conception and requirements analysis. The second phase includes drafting, design and implementation. The third phase involves testing, integration, further development and maintenance. In the following, we will go into the models in more detail for you.

What is the V-Modell?

In a V-model, software development is divided into eight sub-steps, which are arranged like a V. First, a system requirements analysis takes place, which is divided into several steps and leads to a software design. The software design forms the center and is finally developed further to software acceptance and software use. In a V-model, the phases of software development and software integration can also be identified.

Waterfall model ? what is it ?

In a waterfall model, five phases that lead in a flow direction, so to speak, are identified. The waterfall model has similarities with the V-model. The five phases of the waterfall model can be divided into requirements, design, implementation, review and maintenance.

Scrum Model ? Team organization in the foreground

The Scrum model focuses on the team organization, while the Waterfall and V models describe the procedures of a development. The Scrum model describes how software developers and other essential positions involved in software development work together. The Scrum model is often used in innovative business areas and in agile project management. The so-called "lean thinking", also called "lean development", is in the foreground and describes the way of thinking in production processes.

The Scrum model assigns different roles in the development process to different positions. There is a Scrum Team. Scrum team is divided into product owner, scrum master and development team. Software solutions are sought by the product owner. The product owner determines the product cost, features of the product and the time of delivery. The Product Owner is also the contact person of users, management and customers. As a product owner, he represents the customer wishes and the requirements of a product. Design, technical implementation and programming, on the other hand, are the responsibility of the development team. The development team is made up of several people. A project manager, the Scrum Master, is used as a mediator between the individual parties. This person is not responsible for issuing work instructions, but contributes to a smooth process. The Scrum Master is responsible for rule compliance and has a great deal of project knowledge. A Scrum Master works solution-oriented.

ComputerButler in Berlin - we develop for you

We offer you extensive software development. With us you have the possibility to individualize application software, mobile apps and databases. ComputerButler in Berlin adapts the desired software solution to your company. You remain competitive and can make your productivity more efficient.

Customize application software - ComputerButler in Berlin is there for you

Are you looking for a specific software that meets your business requirements? You already have a specific application that needs to be adapted or extended? You have a development team that needs to be supported? You want to connect different IT systems and are looking for intelligent software solutions? In all of the above cases and many more, ComputerButer can help you. We offer you an experienced team that develops individual software solutions for you. We can develop new software, adapt or extend existing software to your requirements and connect other, already existing applications. We can also support your development team if required.

Hiring ComputerButler in Berlin offers you many advantages. Our experienced software developers are professional keep them up to date with detailed documentation (specifications, documentation). We make a solid estimate of the resulting costs to give you a stable cost planning without you having to fear a cost explosion. Our software solutions are designed to be functional and attractive. We work together with experienced graphic and media designers, who offer you a design according to your wishes. ComputerButler in Berlin works with checklist systems, customer feedback systems and support ticket systems to ensure efficient quality management. Customer service is prioritized at our company. In order to provide you with a cost overview and to make your costs transparent, we work with partial invoices. You pay in previously agreed partial steps. Our development team speaks German and enables you to communicate flawlessly. Time differences and language barriers are avoided. ComputerButler in Berlin also offers you cloud-ready development. Our software solutions are future-proof and are developed according to economic, sustainable as well as effective aspects.

Web development - ComputerButler can help you

We ensure a successful web presence. Our experienced web developers know what rules prevail on the Internet. Websites developed by us have an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface. ComputerButler provides a visually appealing first impression with recognition value. Your company website will be multimedia-based and up-to-date. In addition to professional SEO, a modern social media concept is also offered. The loading time of the website is kept short so that users do not bounce. The web design is chosen in such a way that an easy maintenance of the content is possible.

ComputerButler implements your ideas and specifications. Together with you, we develop a common thread for your website and create a web concept that meets your wishes. The design will be visually appealing, intuitive and at the same time modern, clear and factual. A team of web and graphic designers is at your disposal. The programming is done by experienced developers. ComputerButler also takes care of clouding and hosting for you, if desired. You would like to maintain the content of your web presence yourself? Then we can train your employees in detail.

In the field of web development we work, for example, with content management systems such as WordPress, Typo3, Drupal, JavaScript,CSS, XML, PHP, SASS, ASP.NET, webEdition, Ajax and jQuery. ComputerButler in Berlin offers you in the area of web development a support ticket system, a customer feedback system, comprehensive system tests, HQ service monitoring and many other services.

A good first impression is essential for a successful web presence. ComputerButler in Berlin ensures a good usability of the website and a web presence that leaves an impression. Users of your website will not only get a fast loading website with added value, but will be able to use functional elements intuitively and easily. ComputerButler in Berlin is experienced in creating various web projects. We can integrate various websites, develop content management systems and program many other software solutions for you. Our services are available to large and medium sized companies as well as small businesses. We also develop websites that need high traffic and manage high traffic websites (more than 200,000 visitors per day). Our services also include the support of web servers, web hosts and websites.

If you want a custom web design, then come to ComputerButler. We develop your website SEO-optimized, perform performance tests and also ensure the maintenance and security of your web presence.

Mobile app development - ComputerButler in Berlin can help you

If you need mobile app development, then come to ComputerButler. We realize multi-platform development. Apps programmed by us can be used on mobile as well as on desktop PC. We also provide a mobile workflow where your workflows can be controlled through a mobile app. You already have a mobile application that needs to be extended? Then we provide suitable mobile add-ons. Computerbulter converts an existing web design into a mobile app. We also create corporate designs for app and web. ComputerButler in Berlin also takes care of the individual adaptation of new functions to an existing app.

ComputerButler develops apps for Apple systems (iPad, iPhone) as well as Android systems (smartphones and tablet PCs). We also program apps for Windows Mobile and work cross-platform (.net-based and php-based).

software development

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How do we work? The project process.

The foundations for the satisfactory success of the project are laid at the planning stage.
design sprints process 1
01 Initialisation of the project

First of all, a rough schedule of upcoming tasks is drawn up, which is supplemented or modified as implementation progresses.

The customer provides the design team with information about his company, the products and the market situation. Which competitors appear on the market? What are the company's favoured offers in its product range? Which market development is to be expected, which goals does the customer pursue?

All these questions determine the choice of functionalities that are implemented and represented by the software and the design.

02. conceptual design and first implementation

The scope of the offer and the functions of the design are created, content and requirements for its presentation are implemented and initially implemented on a preliminary basis. The team formulates structural and strategic alternatives to offer the client decision-making options and additional elements for the website. A market analysis completes the project so that the client objectively assesses the positioning of his company in the market, presents his brand according to the segment.

03 Start of the project
When the client places the order, the project enters the internal planning of our agency. The first tasks and processes are distributed to the project groups. The domain is registered and the host is commissioned with launching the new domain.
04. design and layout

Based on the information of the analysis, a design draft is created. The company is to be presented in a personalized way, the web technology and an adequate user guidance are implemented. The functionalities of the page are also captured in the design as a whole. The software is created in its basic structures and architecture.

Programming begins, defined functions and each component of the design are translated into a concrete program code and executed. If there is a corresponding need, a graphical user interface is set up in addition to the program. This makes it easier for the user to handle the program for testing purposes.

The text editorial team creates the content, photos and graphic elements are added. Optimization for search engines and translations are further aspects of the design of the web presence.

05. the implementation

The results are made available to the customer for interim acceptance. Upon approval, the software is implemented. The customer's existing test environment is the basis for the installation. If necessary, an adequate environment can also be realized by the provider.

The project is integrated into the existing conditions and modified if necessary. At this point of the project development the interaction with operating systems is optimized, databases are set up and the communication with other applications of the customer is realized.

Adaptation and integration into the hardware and software constellation is the condition for smooth operation and integrated functionality even of the newly added components.

06. test and first run

All functions and components are now analyzed within the framework of a test plan and corrected if necessary. Any weaknesses identified are to be modified, and the test run is repeated until the problem-free runability of the application is guaranteed.

Integrated modules and special solutions requested by the customer are tested for their function. The display in different browsers and also on various end devices is tested and adapted.

07. acceptance by the customer

Once all test procedures have been satisfactorily completed and the necessary corrections and adjustments have been made, acceptance by the customer takes place. This phase of the project also serves to record final changes and additions until finally all components of the software function smoothly. After all, the preparation of the content, the desired enhancements and conversions should meet the customer's expectations.

After creating the imprint and privacy policy, the project is ready to go online.

08. support and feedback after going online

Even after successful realization of the project, it is important for us to obtain feedback from the customer. Often it is not until day-to-day operation that it is discovered that components should still be added or improvements are possible. If questions arise, we are always available to our customers and welcome cooperation even beyond the end of the project.

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