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Apple Mac repair services for Macbook and iMac - Your Mac specialist in Berlin

MacBook and iMac are faithful companions in everyday life. All the more annoying when the device no longer works the way we want it to. Our trained technicians for IT system electronics fix the most common problems directly in our Apple workshop. As an independent service provider in Berlin, we are not affiliated with the repair procedures set by the manufacturer and can therefore also offer repairs that could otherwise no longer be carried out.



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Mac, iMac & Macbook Repair Berlin

We repair all Apple product models, be it Mac, Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, Macbook or MacBook Pro. We are professionals, reliable, fast and cheap.

Mac, iMac & Macbook Upgrade in Berlin

Whether Mac, iMac or MacBook we expand your memory, the Fusion Drive or the graphics card. Afterwards we check the Mac for its functionality.

Apple Emergency Service Berlin

ComputerButler is on the spot when your Mac needs us, even more so when you are out on the field writing quotes for your customers.

Apple Data Recovery & Backup in Berlin

We recover Apple data from Macs, iMacs, iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards and other storage media - 24 hours a day.

VoIP telephone systems in Berlin

Installation and setup of Internet and telephone connections as well as VoIP telephone systems by ComputerButler technicians on site.

Network Service & WLAN from Berlin

Our WLAN and network service installs your network, sets up your server and successfully secures it against intruders with a firewall.

Hardware Repair Mac Berlin

We repair and support all Apple Mac models, such as Macbook Pro, Macbook Pro Retina, Macbook Air, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and help recover Mac data. Do you have a problem with your Mac? Does your macOS not start or run properly anymore? We provide fast and expert assistance for all Mac repairs. We restore damaged fans, displays, graphics cards, motherboards or the ports, help with data transfer and data migration and clean the Mac inside and out.

As your iMac or MacBook ages, some parts may wear out. We offer affordable package pricing for the most common faults and defects. So your device will start up again like the first day.

Hard disk replacement - Does your hard disk have read errors or does it no longer read? Then we offer you a replacement with a new SSD or HDD.

Battery change - Is your battery no longer charging or has a short battery life? Then the battery may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Change keyboard - If your keyboard stops working, gets stuck, has no keys or anything like that, we will replace the coputer keyboard for you.

Display replacement - This is especially important for mobile devices when open or other display errors occur. We can replace the display for many MacBooks, but also for the iMac. Contact us with your device type. We will be happy to help you!

Macbook Graphics Reflow - If your Mac or MacBook has a graphics problem, it may be due to a defective graphics chip. This defect can usually be fixed with a reflow procedure.

Software - Problems with the software can be very different: The computer no longer starts, viruses infect the Mac or the programs do not run. We solve these and similar problems quickly and reliably.

Disk repair and Mac system data recovery

Our ComputerButler service provides Mac data recovery from hard drive / SSD / Mac / Windows / hfs + / ntfs / fat32. We upgrade, enlarge and replace Time Capsule hard drive, remove Apple Mac viruses, adware, spyware and malware.

Mac repair will assist you with display damage, drop damage, motherboard, case damage, water damage, surge damage, broken keyboard and broken trackpad. The repair service takes care of hard drive replacement, RAM expansion, bad connection removal, fan cleaning, organizes power supply repair and then takes care of any data recovery.

Berlin ComputerButler Mac repair service installs, repairs, cleans and updates

The Macbook or iMac should be cleaned once or twice a year because dust enters the device through the fins of the cooler due to the airflow. The graphics card crashes due to large heat buildup. This is a major defect in most MacBooks and Macs. Avoid this capital damage! With us in Berlin you get a Mac cleaning for your model at a fixed price.

Call us or write to us. In order for us to provide you with a quote, we need a model number (e.g. A1237) and the serial number of your device. Your request will be answered immediately.

The most common errors and defects are: a RAM malfunction, a faulty hard drive, a defective keyboard, a battered screen, poor battery performance and damaged power connections. However, we are also happy to help with any other problems. It is always worthwhile to come to us with a defective device!

Your contact in Berlin for first-class service for Apple products

ComputerButler's repair service is the place to go for all questions and problems related to Apple's high-quality computers. Whether it's an iMac, a MacBook or an iPhone, we repair faulty devices in the shortest possible time at an affordable price. Professional and free diagnosis always included. If you need a specific spare part or would like us to replace the components, ComputerButler's Mac repair service will be happy to help. The Mac repair service in Berlin offers all services related to Apple products, from fan cleaning to installing updates and data recovery.

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Apple Services from a single source

Fast Apple help and repair for your Mac or MacBook directly at your location


Apple on-site service

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Fast and professional Apple on-site service repair and maintenance for your Mac, iMac and Macbook. Transparent and fair prices. We repair, install and maintain hardware and software for Windows and Apple Mac computers.


Online remote maintenance for Mac & Windows

Serious billing at 15-minute intervals

Secured by an encrypted connection, ComputerButler technicians connect to your computer online via the Internet, install new software, search for errors, fix them quickly and reliably or maintain your systems on a regular basis.


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