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ComputerButler IT Consulting supports you in the perfect implementation of your projects. You want to optimize or expand your existing IT system? Are you planning to set up a new IT environment? Our ComputerButler consultants in Berlin individually analyze which solution is optimal for your project.

ComputerButler presents solutions

We carry out an inventory. In doing so, we check which components of the existing structure are available for the planned project. Existing hardware can often be reused. We also check the usability of the software you are used to. If necessary, we recommend updates or upgrades. Furthermore, our consultants will show you which additional components make sense for your project.

We show ways to optimize the server and network infrastructure in use. Our analysis shows you the optimization potential of your IT management.

IT Consulting increases productivity

Our experienced consultants in Berlin will accompany you during the planning of your project. Of course, we are also at your side during the implementation of the project. In doing so, our consulting presents you with solutions that we implement in consultation with you.

The aim of optimizing the IT system is cost efficiency and increasing productivity in our customers' companies. To this end, we accompany projects until they are introduced into regular operation and, if required, carry out maintenance on your system.

IT Consulting is non-binding

Our Berlin services are non-binding for you. You decide whether you want to follow our proposal for optimizing your IT. In doing so, the consulting does not only consider the technical side of a project, but also the business component.

ComputerButler analysis enables you to choose the best solution for your business. Many customers are surprised how effective the work becomes when server and network management are optimized.

secure competitive advantage

The requirements for an IT system evolve over time. That is why consulting is also useful when the familiar system still appears to be working reliably. Processes can often be optimized through technical progress, which makes our customers' work more effective.

Through targeted adjustments you can secure a competitive advantage for your company in Berlin. ComputerButler Consulting shows you how to ensure effective work with a modern management of your IT. In doing so, we find optimization potential for internal processes, but also for communication with your customers.

Support available at all times

So that you can use your system optimally, we ensure with our support for a quick maintenance, should a component fail the service. Therefore, we are available for you around the clock in Berlin. We ensure that the downtime in your company remains low. Depending on the situation, we help via remote maintenance or provide our services on site.

This is how our IT consulting accompanies your project

First, ComputerButler analyzes your existing system and checks whether the system meets your requirements. We show you weak points and create a concept to optimize the system. In consultation with you, we implement the project and provide reliable support after implementation. In doing so, we never lose sight of the business component.

At your request, we will gladly take over the management of the entire process. We analyze and plan the project, manage the implementation, take over the controlling and ensure a reliable transfer into regular operation.

Process and project management

Often, companies have different expectations of a project or processes are not carried out in a uniform manner. This leads to losses in effectiveness. An external IT consulting helps to use existing resources more effectively and to open up new ways. Our consulting includes the analysis, the optimization of your processes up to the management of the IT project.

Automated tests

To ensure that your project runs stably after the transfer to regular operation, extensive tests are necessary, especially for software integrations. Often there is only little time for this. The result could be weaknesses in the system that impair the quality or effectiveness of a process.

Automated test routines help here, taking less time. They deliver fast results and can be repeated as often as required. This means that possible errors in the system can be quickly identified and corrected. Even when integrating a new tool into an existing process, an automated test quickly locates possible sources of error. This saves time and ensures the reliability of the overall process.

Cloud Management

We analyze for you which cloud is suitable for your application. Vendor-independent, we determine the need and present you with the cloud services suitable for your project. We implement the migration for you and ensure reliable operation of the cloud within your desired environment.

Software architecture

ComputerButler develops the right software architecture for you. The stable function and the optimization to your needs are only two points that we consider. We make sure that the software can be further developed so that you receive an overall future-proof IT.

The success of your projects is determined not least by the future viability of your IT system. Our consultants ensure that you are also prepared for the requirements of the future.

IT Managed Services

Wir arbeiten seit über drei Jahren mit ComputerButler zusammen, und ich kann nicht genug über die Qualität ihrer Dienstleistungen sagen. Sie ist fantastisch! Ihr Team ist immer zur Stelle, wenn es um die Fehlerbehebung bei den Workstations und der Software unserer Mitarbeiter geht. Sie nehmen sich die Zeit, unser Unternehmen, unsere Mitarbeiter und natürlich auch unsere IT kennenzulernen. Wir arbeiten absolut gerne mit ihnen zusammen!

Neumann Peter

Mitinhaber - Schreinerei Neumann

Server- und Netzwerksupport

Man merkt, dass den Jungs von ComputerButler ihre Arbeit wirklich am Herzen liegt. Und sie sind immer auf der Suche nach Möglichkeiten, ihre Leistung zu verbessern. Als Geschäftsinhaber möchte ich mit Leuten arbeiten, die stolz auf ihre Arbeit sind und mein Unternehmen wie ihr eigenes behandeln.

Lehmann Rainer

Geschäftsführer - Lehmann Bau

Netzwerk, Server & Workstation Support

Wenn wir IT-Hilfe brauchen, sind sie zur Stelle. Es ist mühelos, mit ihnen zu arbeiten. Ihr Team hat unser Problem umgehend gelöst und die Situation richtig eingeschätzt. Sie warten nicht nur nicht auf uns, sondern tragen auch zu einem reibungslosen Betrieb bei. Sie haben uns auch Zeit und Geld gespart, indem sie die Effizienz unserer Abläufe verbessert und so unsere IT-Ausgaben insgesamt reduziert haben.

Weber Roland

Geschäftsführer - Steuerberatung Weber


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