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IT Emergency Service Berlin

IT Emergency Service Berlin ? for companies, freelancers and private individuals

IT is the DNA of our lives these days. Especially companies can be hit hard by a failure of the EDP. If the IT system fails, this is often the super gau. In this case, the IT must be restored immediately and as quickly as possible to a working condition: ComputerButler is your cost-effective IT service and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many problems can already be solved by remote maintenance, otherwise we are quickly on site in your company.

Reliable IT Emergency Service in Berlin ? ComputerButler

Your system has crashed, the IT does not boot up? You turn on the computer and see ? only a black screen? Before you go straight to the store and buy a new IT, call the IT emergency service in Berlin from ComputerButler: We help fast and uncomplicated. Competent employees with a lot of experience are familiar with every IT problem. Take the test! Remote maintenance for small businesses, users, freelancers and NGOs is already available for little money ? often this already helps to solve a standing IT problem. In all other cases, our employees in Berlin are quickly on site at your company.

Good reasons for ComputerButler:

  • Fast elimination of IT faults
  • Remote maintenance for small businesses, NGOs, freelancers, companies and private individuals
  • Competent and experienced employees
  • Uncomplicated and fast IT immediate service
  • No hidden costs
  • Communication via chat, telephone, remote maintenance, on-site possible

Solve IT problems quickly and easily via remote maintenance

Remote maintenance of your ITs is fast and uncomplicated and many problems can already be solved without an employee having to come to your company. ComputerButler in Berlin offers remote maintenance of your ITs, servers, smart devices, virtual systems and IT controlled machines. for Apple, Windows or Linux. With a remote analysis and maintenance you save a lot of time and money, for example for the employee's trip to the company. Remote maintenance reduces unproductivity and prevents the failure of IT systems and machines.

How does ComputerButler solve your IT problem in Berlin and other cities? Is it secure? ComputerButler accesses your computer in the company or at home through special and secure programs. For this we use proven programs like Remote Access, TeamViewer or LogMEIn to detect and fix errors and to maintain your systems. In doing so, your data is safe and protected from unauthorized access. As a rule, our trained employees can correct IT errors in a short time.

ComputerButler: Fix IT problems quickly and effectively

Today, IT is the foundation in every company. But unfortunately, the complicated technical systems are also particularly susceptible to errors and malfunctions. In addition, technical development is advancing rapidly. You have to keep up with it, otherwise you will quickly become obsolete and lose market share to the competition. Do not hesitate to contact ComputerButler in case of malfunctions in your EDP system and we will gladly take over the maintenance of your system, new installations and updates. In case of malfunctions we are always on the spot quickly. Many problems can be solved in advance by remote maintenance. The IT emergency service of ComputerButler in Berlin is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quickly fix user errors

It often turns out that the hardware is not responsible for an IT malfunction. User errors also throw stones in the gears. User errors can be quickly identified and easily rectified via live chat or by telephone.

At Butler you get all IT services from one source:

  • IT and Notebook Repair
  • Extensions and new installations
  • Data recovery and backup
  • VoIP telephone systems
  • Networks, WLAN
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