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IT Security Berlin

IT security is a matter for the boss ? Data protection and information security are more important than ever before. Protect valuable data from outside access and data theft. Read what really counts in IT security and how the specialists ComputerButler Berlin helps you to more IT security.

IT security ? what is it actually?

IT security is a broad field. This includes not only the protection of individual files from loss or unauthorized access, but IT security also includes the protection of data centers with servers and networks, the cloud services, the protection of data itself. This is where experts come in, like the computer specialists at ComputerButler in Berlin. We are familiar with IT security and know what to look out for. A functioning IT security protects against dangers and risks. We make sure that the system environment is secure and the information technology works reliably.

Why IT security from a specialist?

  • Protects against server failure
  • Data protection and data security
  • Server security
  • Network security
  • Physical security of the data centers
  • Information Security
  • Computer Security

Risks and dangers in one of these areas can lead to high economic damages in your company. Let ComputerButler Berlin advise you on how to prevent this.

So that your IT is secure

ComputerButler advises you on all questions of IT security ? we support you in planning, recommend measures and help with the controls. This is mainly about one thing: The confidentiality of information, integrity of information and systems and the availability of systems and information. Your computers must be securely protected against failure, for example due to an overload. Keeping your IT working is essential to keeping your business running these days.

IT security is not only about data protection, i.e. the protection of personal data, but also about data security. We reveal how you can protect all types of information in your company.

Data Security

E-Mail-Verschlüsselung, sicherer Daten-Übertragung, sichere Authentifizierung, PKI

endpoint security

anti-virus, anti-malware, private firewalls, hardware encryption, disk security

Network Security

LAN and WLAN security, IP address management, network monitoring

Internet Security

Firewall, Web-Application-Firewall (WAF), sicheres Surfen, VPN, IPS, IDS, SSL, Remote Access, High Availability HA, Honeypot, Reverse Proxy, Load Balancing

What does IT security mean?

  • Protection of information and IT systems
  • Protection of the network up to the Internet
  • Protect against unauthorized use
  • prevent vulnerabilities

Protect endpoints, internal and Internet networks

IT security protects the IT systems on the one hand. This includes not only the servers, but also the end devices: PCs, tablets, notebooks and smartphones. IT security must also take into account the applications and operating systems that run on the end devices.

All devices are usually internally networked with each other and have a connection to the Internet. To ensure network security, ComputerButler Berlin supports you on the topic of network security. Cloud services are often included as well. A connection to the Internet always involves dangers and risks. This must be taken into account when planning and implementing IT security. We tell you how and what to look out for. So you can safely ward off cyber threats and hacker attacks via the Internet.

Protection against unauthorized access

Internally, too, files and the system must be protected from unauthorized users. Each user is assigned a digital identity to which precisely defined authorizations are assigned. We help you with identity and access management and thus make your IT a bit more secure.

Vulnerabilities in IT security

IT is only as secure as its most dangerous vulnerabilities. Of course, there is no such thing as one hundred percent security. Nevertheless, it is important to eliminate risks and dangers as far as possible. We tell you how.

ComputerButler Berlin: We identify vulnerabilities and suggest security solutions

Technical problems are rarely the cause of IT security problems. Most of the time, it's carelessness, convenience or ignorance as early as the IT security planning stage. This should not happen to you. Ask our IT security experts what to look for in IT security, what you can do to secure your IT and what it costs.

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IT technology is constantly evolving: what is valid today will be obsolete tomorrow. Hackers in particular take advantage of every opportunity, every security gap that presents itself to them. Cyber crime is a topic like never before. Don't let it get that far and protect yourself beforehand with IT security that delivers what it promises. ComputerButler's experts are constantly educating themselves and are on the cutting edge of technology, even when it comes to IT security.

Regular and careful maintenance is necessary for an IT system to run securely. We also help you to set up and establish an efficient maintenance and backup system.

A functioning IT security comprises the following components:

  • Server room: protection against burglary, heat, dust
  • Sensitivity of employees with regard to IT security
  • Rights management: regulating access to data and applications
  • Update management: Update regularly and close security gaps
  • Data protection: In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act

Computer-Butler Berlin helps you to install firewalls, VPN and UTM protection. We know reliable anti-virus and anti-spam software and encrypt sensitive data against external attacks. For your data security we offer virtualization, high availability and clustering solutions.

ComputerButler Berlin: Important IT security targets and threats

When it comes to your IT security, you keep three goals in mind in particular: confidentiality, integrity and availability. What are they exactly?


In short, information and resources ? documents, patents, production data ? should be protected from unauthorized persons. Confidential information should remain confidential. This is important for government institutions, companies and users.


Integrity refers to the integrity of information. This means that the information should be protected from unauthorized changes.


This is to ensure that every participant can use the IT system when required.

Threats today are manifold and exist around the clock. They can be circumstances or events such as force majeure, human error, technical failure or deliberate acts, i.e. cybercrime.

ComputerButler tells you how to protect yourself reliably and permanently from dangers.

Vulnerabilities lead to attacks and, in the worst case, to a system failure or the loss of valuable data. Or even worse: sensitive data gets into the wrong hands! The causes of vulnerabilities are manifold.

Causes of vulnerabilities:

  • Incorrect programming
  • Incorrect system design
  • Lack of compliance with safety requirements

That's why it's so important to have your IT checked for vulnerabilities by professionals. At ComputerButler, we know what to look for to uncover potential vulnerabilities so that damage doesn't happen in the first place.

The worst is when a vulnerability meets an attack: viruses, Trojans, worms, spoofing, and denial of service attacks, to name a few threats.

ComputerButler builds effective protection mechanisms with you against all kinds of threats. One effective tool is cryptography. This involves encryption of content and the creation and verification of digital signatures. We also advise you when it comes to installing viable anti-virus programs.

That's what ComputerButler does for you:

  • Installation of firewalls, virus protection, spam protection
  • Server and terminal security
  • Data backup / Backups
  • Virtualization
  • disaster recovery
  • Regular updates
  • Monitoring
  • Hotline, remote maintenance
  • WLAN, email and web security
  • IT security for mobile devices, network, workstations
  • VPN, security for work away from home
  • Data center relocation: IT infrastructure, dismantling, assembly, transport
  • Failover

Call us today to schedule a consultation for your IT security needs!

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