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VoIP telephone systems Berlin

In today's business environment, the telephone is indispensable - regardless of whether it is used for internal calls or for external calls. In addition to the classic normal telephone system, most larger companies nowadays opt for a modern alternative - the so-called VoIP telephone system. ComputerButler from Berlin is your competent partner when it comes to finding the right solution for your company.

The telephone system and how it works

In order to understand how telephone systems work, one must first be aware that nowadays there are different communication systems in terms of structure, their standards and protocols. Thus, there are variants that are both software and handware based, as well as hosted and local solutions. The exact functionality of a particular telephone system depends primarily on which lines are used and how the company's infrastructure is set up. For instance, there are many companies in Berlin that still haven't converted their phone systems to IP-based variants. Of course, such a conversion involves a certain amount of installation and maintenance, but we are happy to take care of this as your experts: ComputerButler is specialized in modern telephone systems as well as their installation and maintenance and offers you in this regard to all your questions suitable answers for your company!

If you are planning to switch to a modern VoIP telephone system, but would like to continue using your analogue devices for the time being, you have the option of making them IP-capable using a special ATA adapter, for example. The same applies to companies that would like to continue using their ISDN telephone systems with an IP connection until a new VoIP telephone system is set up. If you would like to continue using your older ISDN telephone system after the changeover to All-IP, a so-called VoIP gateway can be used for this purpose.

Nevertheless, as experts, we recommend a complete switch to a VoIP-based telephone system in the long term. In this way, you can combine the entire range of functions and all the security features of future-proof telephone system solutions and take full advantage of all the efficient benefits of VoIP.

A single Internet connection is sufficient to interconnect IP-based devices in the network. This also includes mobile devices if they are connected to the Internet. Last but not least, systems at locations outside the company can also connect to the system via a bridge connection. Free internal calls and other benefits are then also possible from there.

External hosting or local installation - which is the better solution?

Quite a few companies looking for a new, efficient telephone system in Berlin are faced with the question of where it should best be operated or managed. Although cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular, there is still the option of hosting at another location or an on-site installation in Berlin. The decision here depends on various factors, such as the ICT infrastructure, the number of employees as well as the requirements of the company and should therefore be made very consciously. Of course, our experts at ComputerButler will be happy to advise you on these questions - we will help you find the right solution for your company.

These options are available for modern telephone systems in Berlin

On-premise installation

An on-premise installation of a telephone system is a system that is installed directly on site as software or hardware. A software-based telephone system offers a high degree of flexibility, because numbers and subscribers can be added, removed or changed at any time via a desktop interface. Larger companies that work with a high-performance bandwidth can usually operate such a telephone system without any problems.

Hosted telephone system

If you want to avoid that a telephone system takes up too many resources from your company, a hosted telephone system may be the right solution. This is a virtual telephone system whose services are provided by us as a service provider in Berlin, also called managed service. Because with Voice-Over-IP telephony all connections are transmitted via the Internet, the setup of maintenance-intensive equipment at the site is kept to a minimum.

Cloud Telephone System

A special solution among the hosted telephone systems is the cloud telephone system, which is operated either independently or with the help of ComputerButler, your external cloud provider on their server in Berlin and constantly supplied with updates. This way a company can save valuable resources and at the same time benefit from high flexibility as well as versatile configuration options. One of the most important prerequisites for trouble-free operation is a stable, fast Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to reliably run VoIP services.

VoIP - what is that exactly?

The terms VoIP and SIP stand for two protocols that enable modern Internet telephony. A virtual telephone system is used for this, which is provided by a VoIP provider and can be managed via software on the PC. Calls are thus made via the Internet, whether they are internal calls or calls to the outside world. As soon as a registration with the provider has been carried out and the active users have been set up via the software, the VoIP telephone system can be used from practically any location - i.e. not only in your business premises, but also on business trips and at your home. This modern solution thus offers a high degree of flexibility, especially as the system is easy to manage and expensive installations and maintenance contracts are not necessary.

But when is a VoIP telephone system worthwhile for your business? Quite simple: If your employees in the different departments often call each other or if connections to external offices are often necessary, VoIP telephony is a modern and efficient solution. There are no costs for internal calls, as they are all handled by the provider's server. Our experts at ComputerButler will be happy to advise you on the individual options and find a suitable solution for your company.

How a VoIP telephone system works

For the smooth operation of a VoIP telephone system, you need a fast and stable Internet connection in your company, such as VDSL or fiber optics, as well as a VoIP telephone or an IP-enabled device that is SIP-compatible. You connect this telephone to the Internet and to the company network. The so-called SIP protocol takes over the connection control as well as the call setup. Voice over IP technology then converts the call data so that it can be easily forwarded to the recipient via the Internet. Calls can be easily managed using a clearly laid out interface on the PC - there is usually no need to set up additional hardware. However, depending on the type of connection and VoIP telephone system, a SIP trunk or VoIP gateway may be required to implement IP telephony.

What are the advantages of a VoIP telephone system for your company?

The VoIP telephone system offers both the classic telephone function for your company and flexible scalability of the individual settings. It works with maximum reliability, provided it is a stable internet connection. Thanks to the installation of a VoIP telephone system, your company will benefit from lower telephone costs, a high level of user comfort and versatility. The VoIP telephone system also facilitates the coupling to various business applications and can be optimally embedded in your existing IT structure.

All users use the same external lines. Internal calls can be handled free of charge via your company's network. Setting up a VoIP telephone system does not affect the external communication structure, nor does it require a change in existing work processes.

Do you already have a Address book with numerous contacts, this can be easily integrated into the new VoIP telephone system. Furthermore, the system offers practical extras such as Chatsthe Sending virtual faxes and other files, a Answering machine and also CRM integrations. With a VoIP telephone system, users can decide for themselves whether it should be used for calls on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. A headset can also be connected to the PC without any problems.

What are the costs for a VoIP telephone system?

In the course of the constantly advancing digitalization, the costs for companies regarding telecommunications are reduced more and more. So even a modern VoIP telephone system, just like other virtual solutions, no longer represents too large an investment, which, however, means a considerable added value for your company. If you are looking for a modern telephone system for your company, a VoIP telephone system could be the right solution.

The composition of the costs for a new PBX system depends on various factors. The requirements as well as the current status of your system will determine which type of installation comes into question. You can choose either a local on-site installation in Berlin or a virtual setup in a cloud for a VoIP telephone system. The installation of a VoIP router including an integrated telephone system incurs one-off costs of between 150 and 1,500 euros on average.

Note that each additional workstation connected to the VoIP telephone system also further utilizes the capacity of the Internet connection. The running costs always depend on the required speed. A high-speed connection with 100 or 250 Mbit naturally costs more than a simple connection with up to 50 Mbit.

ComputerButler from Berlin advises you on all open questions regarding your telephone system.

Because in most companies today it is no longer done with a normal telephone, the VoIP telephone system offers itself as a modern and sustainable solution with a high degree of flexibility as well as high user comfort. ComputerButler will be happy to advise you on the possibilities for your company: Our experts will create a customized offer for you in Berlin and find the appropriate solution, so that both your resources and your employees can benefit in many ways. Feel free to contact us for a first non-binding consultation!

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