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IT Technician Charlottenburg - ComputerButler

IT plays an important role in every company today. Order management, accounting and communication almost always take place via computers. Computer networks are often used for this purpose.

Especially smaller companies often do not employ IT specialists. Our ComputerButler IT technicians in Charlottenburg will make sure that your computer system works efficiently and reliably.

We provide reliable IT systems in Berlin

The scope of IT systems in smaller companies is often not large enough to employ a specialist. Here it is worthwhile to hand over the necessary work to external professionals.

Benefit from our experience as an IT service provider. We advise you in Berlin-Charlottenburg about possible hardware solutions to make your processes more efficient. We also take care of your software in Berlin. We monitor the smooth functioning of your system and optimize the IT in consultation with you.

your advantage

Working with a system house like ComputerButler has the advantage for you that you only pay for services that are actually provided. At the same time, you do not have to do without the experience and competence of a specialist.

When you rely on professional IT services, you ensure the smooth interaction of your software solutions with the hardware. The support available at all times ensures that weak points are identified in good time and a standstill of your workflows is avoided.

The strength of system houses lies in very flexible solutions. Technicians from ComputerButler are available at any time and solve problems quickly and efficiently. This can be done by remote maintenance, but also by on-site service.

Even for companies that have their own IT department, a selective cooperation with an IT technician in Charlottenburg can make sense. Therefore, ComputerButler offers you numerous services that you can arrange with us according to your needs.

How we support your IT systems

In a consultative conversation, we clarify together what support you need and agree on the scope of cooperation. As IT system house Charlottenburg we offer comprehensive services for your hardware.

If desired, we can take over maintenance and advise you on the acquisition of new computers or the expansion of the infrastructure of your IT network. As a system house, we also have great experience in planning and implementing complex IT solutions. For existing systems, we are happy to suggest options for optimization in Berlin.

The technicians of ComputerButler support you reliably at any time when a problem occurs. However, we not only repair, but also ensure the professional integration of new components into your existing system. We are happy to advise you on the purchase of new hardware or software.

We ensure the security of your data in Berlin

Server/client solutions specially tailored to your needs serve an efficient workflow. Our employees pay attention to the necessary IT security and also advise you in Berlin on the aspects of data protection. Our comprehensive security concept also includes the identification and elimination of security gaps.

Our services include the installation of updates. We also perform regular backups to ensure the security of your data. We archive important data for you cost-effectively, for example in a cloud.

Especially in times when more and more hacker attacks on companies become known, it is important to pay attention to the security of the computer network. The specialists at ComputerButler know the weak points and have the necessary know-how to protect you from attacks in the best possible way.

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