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IT Service Friedrichshain ? we take care of your IT

New installation, maintenance of PCs or the construction of networks ? the team of ComputerButler takes care of your IT in Friedrichshain. Companies, freelancers and private individuals benefit from the comprehensive IT service of ComputerButler.

Digitisation is progressing

We live in the age of digitalization, hardly a household or company without a digital device: a smartphone, tablet or an IT system. With it come many new ideas and possibilities, but also susceptibility to failure and errors creep in. To keep your PCs and IT running smoothly, ComputerButler in Friedrichshain offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT services.

You can count on these IT services in Friedrichshain:

  • managed service
  • IT consulting
  • IT security
  • cloud services
  • VoIP telephone systems
  • Network service and WLAN

Discover our professional IT services in Friedrichshain and do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise and help you and develop a suitable IT solution together with you. Our competent employees have many years of experience, for example, for a requirements analysis, the installation of computers or software or creation of backup solutions!

Comprehensive service around your IT

Especially small and medium-sized companies, freelancers or NGOs cannot afford an employee for IT. They benefit especially from the wide range of IT services offered by ComputerButler in Friedrichshain. Our IT service offer is particularly broad and covers many IT areas. Benefit from our competent employees with many years of experience.

Why IT Service Management?

IT is all well and good ? but only if it works. Even if the email program does not work, this can lead to disruptions in the workflow: Important information may not arrive, deadlines may not be met. Not every company has an IT department or an IT specialist for such cases in-house. ComputerButler in Friedrichshain offers a comprehensive service for all your IT problems and questions and makes sure that your EDP always runs smoothly.

One of the prerequisites for a functioning IT is an IT Service Management. It contains all processes that play a role in connection with IT: Maintenance and repair or software updates. Entrust ComputerButler in Friedrichshain with your IT service management.

Comprehensive IT Services in Friedrichshain

ComputerButler offers you all IT services in Friedrichshain, so that your IT systems run smoothly: Starting with the installation of new components to maintenance and training of employees. More and more companies decide to outsource their IT tasks to external service providers like ComputerButler. This has several advantages: We have the right specialist for every IT problem in Friedrichshain. At ComputerButler, you choose the scope and service you want to use according to your needs. You only have to pay for what you use. Thus you reduce expensive personnel costs for an IT specialist permanently. You can transfer complex IT projects to ComputerButler or let us take care of smaller parts. We are always there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

IT Managed Services

Wir arbeiten seit über drei Jahren mit ComputerButler zusammen, und ich kann nicht genug über die Qualität ihrer Dienstleistungen sagen. Sie ist fantastisch! Ihr Team ist immer zur Stelle, wenn es um die Fehlerbehebung bei den Workstations und der Software unserer Mitarbeiter geht. Sie nehmen sich die Zeit, unser Unternehmen, unsere Mitarbeiter und natürlich auch unsere IT kennenzulernen. Wir arbeiten absolut gerne mit ihnen zusammen!

Neumann Peter

Mitinhaber - Schreinerei Neumann

Server- und Netzwerksupport

Man merkt, dass den Jungs von ComputerButler ihre Arbeit wirklich am Herzen liegt. Und sie sind immer auf der Suche nach Möglichkeiten, ihre Leistung zu verbessern. Als Geschäftsinhaber möchte ich mit Leuten arbeiten, die stolz auf ihre Arbeit sind und mein Unternehmen wie ihr eigenes behandeln.

Lehmann Rainer

Geschäftsführer - Lehmann Bau

Netzwerk, Server & Workstation Support

Wenn wir IT-Hilfe brauchen, sind sie zur Stelle. Es ist mühelos, mit ihnen zu arbeiten. Ihr Team hat unser Problem umgehend gelöst und die Situation richtig eingeschätzt. Sie warten nicht nur nicht auf uns, sondern tragen auch zu einem reibungslosen Betrieb bei. Sie haben uns auch Zeit und Geld gespart, indem sie die Effizienz unserer Abläufe verbessert und so unsere IT-Ausgaben insgesamt reduziert haben.

Weber Roland

Geschäftsführer - Steuerberatung Weber


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