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IT Service Berlin

As an IT service provider, we offer services in the field of information technology. Our services include IT analysis, consulting and planning of IT projects. As a system house in Berlin, we procure hardware components and install the IT infrastructure. A trouble-free operation through an efficient support of your project. The security of your IT is becoming increasingly important. Our services include protection against external attacks and ensuring reliable data protection.

ComputerButler - So that you can work efficiently

As a partner, we support our customers individually according to their requirements. We assist companies without their own IT specialists in planning, setting up and maintaining their IT infrastructure. But large companies with their own IT department also benefit from our expertise when they want to implement complex solutions. The goal is to guarantee reliable and secure operation so that you can effectively take care of your customers.

We are your strategic partner

To help you avoid mistakes when setting up your IT, we advise you as early as the planning stage of a project. We provide you with the latest knowledge and ensure that you do not rely on outdated technologies. In doing so, our ComputerButler specialists in Berlin align the IT solution with your corporate strategy. By optimizing the individual components, we find the key to the decisive competitive advantage over your competitors.

In addition to setting up an IT system, our services include quickly rectifying any problems that arise with devices or software applications. For this purpose, we are available for you around the clock in Berlin, so that the downtime of your IT is kept to a minimum. By ensuring a stable functioning system, we ensure that your work runs smoothly.

We take over the complete support of your IT

As part of the responsibility for IT that you have transferred to us, we ensure that necessary security updates always keep your system up to date. Updates are installed automatically and regularly. Secure IT offers you the highest level of data security.

In addition to the operating system, your application software is also automatically updated. Updates not only provide more stability for the application, but also ensure data protection by closing security gaps. Regular updates also give you the security that your programs comply with the current legal framework. The use of tools ensures a cost-effective, automatic solution.

The ComputerButler service also includes monitoring. The automatic system monitoring ensures that your IT system is always available and that our support in Berlin is alerted immediately in the event of a malfunction. Through a timely warning, we can avoid greater damage, such as significant data loss.

We are also happy to take over the monitoring of external service providers. For example, we contact your internet provider if the data line is blocked and ensure that the damage is quickly repaired.

Inexpensive and reliable: Cloud solutions

As an IT service provider, we also take care of the efficient storage of your data. The need for your own servers is significantly minimized by the storage options in the cloud. At the same time, the maintenance effort for your IT systems is reduced.

Virtual storage systems use part of a highly efficient external storage. You save money on your own server, maintenance and data security. We develop the right strategy for you and show you which service providers are suitable for your cloud.

Client/server systems

Contact ComputerButler if you need an IT solution using client/server systems. As an experienced IT service provider, we are the ideal partner for the implementation. We determine your needs and propose solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Our services include the planning and implementation of the project. We procure the components, install and configure the system. We recommend the appropriate software and install it.

In daily operation, you will find with us the support that allows you to work trouble-free and efficiently. In addition to the purchase, software leasing is also possible. Let us inform you about the advantages during a consultation.

As a professional IT service provider, we train your staff, gladly also directly in your company. So you can use your new system effectively from day one.

We protect you from cybercrime

Data theft and even the takeover of entire IT systems by criminals increased significantly in recent years. Viruses, Trojans and other malicious software are now capable of hijacking and paralyzing highly complex systems.

To ensure data security in your network, ComputerButler installs firewalls that detect and defend against these threats. In this way we do not only provide data protection. We also prevent criminals from sabotaging your IT system and, in the worst case, paralyzing the work of your company.

Through constant updates, we ensure that your IT is also reliably protected against new threats. We also develop a data backup strategy to provide you with optimum protection against the loss of your data. On the subject of security, we conduct training courses for system administrators or employees to sensitise your staff to the secure handling of data.

Modern VoIP telephone systems

Today, telephone systems can be integrated into the computer network using Voice over IP technology. This allows them to ensure very efficient communication with the customer. This makes it possible to set up powerful call centers.

You can call from the customer file. We show you how to link emails, orders, customer concerns so that when the customer calls you can effectively respond to their needs.

New are CloudPhones, a virtual telephone system in a secure, high-performance data center. ComputerButler will be happy to explain the benefits and find the best solution for you.


The success of a company depends not least on well-trained employees. We do not only provide for an efficiently working IT. Our system house also your staff, so that the possibilities of your system can be fully used. Training can take place with us in Berlin or on the premises of your company.

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