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IT-Consulting Pankow - ComputerButler

The IT infrastructure is the basis for the success of your company. ComputerButler provides IT consulting Pankow for the most important basis of a company: a functioning IT infrastructure. With an efficient and reliable infrastructure alone, you can increase your business continuity, improve security and thus make a lasting contribution to the success of your company.

Like all complicated systems, systems in IT are also prone to errors. The consequences are bad: In addition to unnecessary system crashes and high costs, there is the risk of data loss. Our main goal is therefore to provide a reliable high-performance infrastructure with IT consulting Pankow and build you so that it is individually tailored to your needs.

IT-Service in Pankow - To keep your IT department in a first-class position

Together with our clients, we analyze the current state of the systems and then determine the scope of the required services. Regardless of whether you want to build the IT structure from scratch or expand existing systems - as a reliable partner, we offer service solutions that best meet your requirements. In addition to the eventual implementation of hardware and software, we take into account the maintenance of the systems required for the process requirements, such as storage systems, servers, networks and back-up solutions.

We are happy to take over the regular maintenance of your complete IT infrastructure. Your advantage: Professional maintenance of your software and systems (e.g. Microsoft) ensures the smooth running of your business processes and increases your productivity in the long term.

Audit of your IT systems

Regular security scans on your systems reduce the number of areas for hackers and malware attacks. This offers you more protection against security-related system crashes and lengthy recovery processes. We perform security audits in accordance with BSI guidelines.

By hardening your systems and limiting attack surfaces and propagation opportunities, you can get better protection against ransomware Trojans. After a security audit, we recommend that you make appropriate changes to your security systems to better prevent extortionists.

Our IT consultancy Pankow is happy to support you in developing your security concept. Our experience has shown time and again that a fully thought-out disaster protection plan can protect against longer downtimes and thus against loss of reputation and revenue. The current status of the system, anti-malware programs and well-trained employees help to avoid data protection problems and data loss.

All our employees are obliged to maintain confidentiality and will, upon request, enter into an agreement on data protection and data security in contractual relationships in accordance with § 11 BDSG.

Cloud Computing in Pankow

Cloud computing is essentially the transfer of IT/EDP services to external service providers who provide resources via the Internet. In addition to active components such as switches, routers and firewalls as well as computing power and storage capacity (Infrastructure-as-a-Service = IaaS), this can also include platform provisioning (PaaS) with value-added services such as include billing services. The term ?public cloud? is irrelevant to the security of your data and access - other factors are responsible!

Many of today's public cloud offerings like Microsoft 365 can be better protected from unauthorized access than local server environments with the right modules! ComputerButler IT services are about more than just providing cheap resources in any data center!

We provide secure IT outsourcing solutions, including on-demand management of your servers and services. From managed local backups with online protection, to online provisioning of failed servers or entire sites, to running your servers and/or services in secured data center environments.

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