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IT Solutions Berlin

The following applies to companies: Secure and efficient operations are only possible when computers and networks are running smoothly. ComputerButler is happy to support you!

Adapt your IT system to your daily work - IT should support, not interfere".

Are you looking for efficient workflows or are you planning a new IT infrastructure? No problem - ComputerButler helps you with technical questions and solutions. Do you already have suggestions and are looking for professional support? This is where our strength lies - together we will find out if the offer meets your requirements. With our services and products we want to support you in making IT an important part of your daily work. Whether hardware, software or services, just contact us.


In IT, it's usually not enough to just install it. Instead, maintenance and care are required to get the most out of your system. These services are a matter of course for us. With our IT solutions, we support you in planning and implementation and in all security issues. We can do much more for you - learn more in a personal conversation. Contact us, we are looking forward to your inquiry!

Support and care

We are always ready to help you with the maintenance of your hardware and software. Regular maintenance ensures that your system is always up to date. This allows you to detect errors at an early stage and take immediate action before a serious problem occurs. With our help and care, you can protect your data and your devices efficiently and reliably! Our many years of experience have shown that open communication not only creates trust, but also enables an environment in which IT performance can be improved.

Planning and implementation

With professional planning, reliable implementation and continuous support, we take care of your IT. We design your existing network infrastructure to meet your requirements. Our experienced staff will help you with new planning, server management and system integration. We develop an individual solution concept that is adapted to the requirements of your hardware and software. Whatever your needs are - Linux, Windows or Mac OS X - ComputerButler has the right solution for your IT.

ComputerButler is the contact for your IT requirements

We offer servers, PCs, laptops and software from leading manufacturers (e.g. Lenovo, DELL, HP, Fujitsu, Microsoft and others). We supply equipment for your IT requirements and projects, optionally created according to your specifications and documentation of all activities performed.

ComputerButler also takes environmental protection very seriously. We rely on certified equipment in accordance with applicable standards and regulations to avoid the use of toxic raw materials, use resources sparingly, and reduce energy consumption.

Our services

Hardware - Always up-to-date information about laptops, PCs, servers, firewalls, network technologies or mobile devices, printers, phones and accessories.

Software - Operating systems for PCs and servers, Microsoft Exchange, virtualization solutions, virus protection or other customized software.

Licenses - Advice on software licensing and determination of individual needs. Upon request, we can create a license overview for you based on the inventory.

Warranty - Advice and assistance with the purchase and registration of extensions and service renewals. Consideration of warranty claims in case of malfunction of the device.

IT infrastructure

Servers and networks form the backbone of IT in all companies and enable stable and reliable business processes. Server virtualization is just as important as designing a secure and scalable enterprise network to minimize operating costs and improve reliability.

As a system company ComputerButler offers you a complete and modern range of IT equipment for your business. We have many years of experience in the field of corporate networks. Based on a precise needs analysis, we determine which hardware components should be optimized if required.

The server is the heart of your IT. Thanks to a powerful server, a large number of users can access applications and exchange data simultaneously. ComputerButler puts together complete server systems for you that are optimally adapted for use in your company.

A modern server can be used in different ways: As a web server, mail server and application server, the server provides fast provisioning and data exchange for various applications. The more programs and users there are, the more important a central and well thought-out server solution is. You have the choice between a single server located in your building or data center, or entire server landscapes that can handle a large number of demanding applications and accesses.

Our services for IT infrastructure

Virtualization - Savings in operating costs through efficient use of equipment. Central management and holistic system security.

Networks - Installation of active network components and firewalls. ComputerButler creates network plans and monitors usage to identify optimization solutions.

WLAN solutions - Scalable WLAN solutions for all indoor and outdoor requirements. Consulting, concept and implementation for mobile work

Network location - ComputerButler connects external sites with a secure VPN solution. Simplified management and increased data security.

digital transformation

Together we develop a holistic digital vision for the close interaction of technology, the development of your company, your organization and your business model.

Which new and classic technologies are suitable for your company and what savings result from IT modernization? As a partner, we can offer you a wide range of products, from Microsoft 365 to Azure Cloud. You get well-documented experience from analysis to implementation. Of course, we offer support, so you can be sure that technologically everything always works properly. You have a contact person in case of problems - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ComputerButler helps you develop your internal digital literacy to more easily assess the impact of technology on your processes, your business and your business model. Use new technical features to make your company fit for the future, reduce costs and respond faster to your customers' needs.

Together we create new digital services for your clients and integrate suppliers into your processes and systems. As a result, you achieve extra added value or take the next steps towards additional value creation. With ComputerButler, processes are accelerated through more transparency and collaborative workflows.

Individual programming

As experts for networking, goods management systems and forwarding solutions, we are your competent partner when you need tailor-made solutions. Database connections or interfaces for IT products as well as the integration of software into existing networks are the focus of our programming services.

Our team consists of various technical specialists and experts who work closely together and consider all aspects of programming and integration. You receive all services from a single source, which greatly simplifies coordination and communication.

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