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IT Specialist Berlin

The IT specialist from Berlin: ComputerButler

Haben Sie Probleme mit der Performance Ihrer Gere oder wünschen Sie einen kompetenten Partner beim Einrichten Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur? Wir bei ComputerButler erbringen umfangreiche Dienstleistungen in allen Bereichen der Informationstechnologie. In unserem Unternehmen befinden sich Experten für Hardware und Software, die sich ständig weiterbilden und am Puls der Zeit sind. Gerne richten wir Ihnen Ihre IT-Infrastruktur ein, während Sie sich entspannt anderen Problemen widmen können. Wir beraten Sie aber auch gerne in den Bereichen IT-Sicherheit, Cloud-Solutions und bei allen anderen Problemen mit Ihrem PC, Notebook, Tablet, oder bei Schwierigkeiten mit Ihrer Software.

A brief overview of our service

Our services are very extensive. If you have a problem with your devices or with your operating system or any software, feel free to contact us. We are guaranteed to find a solution. Here is a small insight into our existing service offer:

  • Consulting on all IT topics
  • IT support: quick and easy to solve your problem
  • On-site service in Berlin and Germany
  • New installation of software and operating systems
  • Setting up e-mail accounts: gladly for the entire staff
  • Repair of computers and other hardware
  • IT security: consulting, installation of virus software, firewalls and much more
  • Troubleshoot performance issues with your devices
  • Set up a new network: for the entire company or also at your private home
  • Maintenance work on your IT infrastructure
  • Data recovery for damaged devices
  • Setting up webcams
  • Training of you and your employees
  • Server setup and maintenance

The PC emergency service of ComputerButler

If all else fails and you don't know how to fix the problem, contact us. Improper attempts to fix the problem can intensify it. This does not have to be the case ? with ComputerButler you have a capable partner who is happy to help you. Our PC emergency service takes care of particularly urgent requests concerning your IT infrastructure and quickly finds the ideal solution to your problem.

Profit from our know-how

Our customers include companies as well as private individuals. Just contact us and we will take care of your request in no time. Whether you're planning a new purchase and want advice, or your systems need maintenance, you want to set up new mail accounts or help with backups ? we provide comprehensive support for your infrastructure. Our employees have theoretical degrees and are absolute specialists in their field ? trust in the know-how of our expert light. For problems with different operating systems such as Windows, MAC OS or Linux, there are numerous specialists in our team who know exactly what to do ? at the same time, we have also worked with operating systems that are less common. With our years of experience, no hardware is foreign to us either: we can present you with exactly the solution that offers you the most advantages. We work responsibly and absolutely on our own ? just tell us what your concern or problem is, we will discuss our proposed solution very briefly and then we will be happy to work without your intervention.

One provider for all cases

Get in touch today. Our on-site service from Berlin will help you quickly and unbureaucratically with all your concerns.

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