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IT supporter

The IT Support Specialist is the central point of contact for complaints and technical inquiries from customers experiencing problems with hardware and software.

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We are serious about humanity

Medical care

Can it be the osteopath? We at ComputerButler want us all to be well. Implants, crowns, bridges, alternative practitioners or the additional glasses we cushion easily through additional pension insurance.

Free drinks

Whether mineral water, fruit juices, coffee or tea. All drinks are included. Dry room climate has no chance against us.

Free lunch

Each team member will receive meal vouchers to redeem at neighbouring caterers.

Gym membership

Health promotion for you and your colleagues through a flexible concept for company fitness and recreation.

Further education

Particularly in our industry, which is constantly innovating, further training is the most important success factor compared to the competition. We support you with free seminars, workshops and e-learning offers and make you available for this.

Flexible working hours

Are you a night owl who doesn't start waking up until around 7:00pm? Do you like to sleep in and not be fully in your element until midday, or a new Steve Jobs who runs his first laps around the park as early as 4:00 in the morning? Perfect. Then you're a great fit for us. We are ComputerButlers and are there for our customers 24 hours a day.

Children welcome

Home office, bring kids to the office? We'd love to. We will actively support you in this.

Fun provision in old age

Whether direct insurance, pension fund, pension commitment or pension fund - you choose the form of investment. Then we sit down with the colleagues from finance or the legal department and make sure that you are also well secured later on your island.

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