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PC Specialist Berlin

Companies need a smooth process in the EDP. And since you are already busy in your field of work, your competent PC Specialist Berlin From ComputerButler ready to guarantee you this smooth workflow.

Whether private customer, lone fighter, craftsman's business, architect or medical practice ? Your PC specialist Berlin supports you in the procurement of the right equipment. We guarantee perfect IT support and optimal IT security.

Usefulness of PC-Spezialist Berlin

We at ComputerButler are men and women of the trade. Our job is to keep your IT system running. This includes comprehensive software and hardware consulting. To make a long story short: The authorized service staff of PC-Spezialist Berlin will help you to upgrade your devices, to reset your PC system and to keep viruses and trojans away.

IT equipment ? so that you are ready for work

Those who want to purchase new hardware are often spoilt for choice between different systems and models. The respective requirements largely play a role in the purchase. Conventional models are often sufficient for daily office work. However, if you need to perform a huge amount of parallel operations, you need graphics cards with ultra-fast memory and powerful processors.

When deciding on the optimal hardware for your IT system, the expert PC specialist Berlin will be there to advise you. This also includes the selection and connection of the printer. As well as setting up a Microsoft package to data storage and data sharing. In addition, we will set up an e-mail account for you, which we will link to a calendar if desired.

IT support ? so that everything runs like clockwork

You want to work without interruption? This is what the qualified service employees of ComputerButler are trained for. They provide you with on-site services as well as assistance for minor conflict resolution via remote maintenance.

ComputerButler offers a backup creation and monitoring service. Our PC specialist Berlin equips you with server program, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and iPhone as well as antivirus software. And monitors your complete IT system.

Well-trained employees have your data traffic in their sights. And fix errors of systems and databases. The special skills of PC-Spezialist Berlin are personal responsibility and accuracy in all measures.

IT security ? so that you do not have to take any risks

PC-Spezialist Berlin protects your business with full IT security. Security software alone is no longer enough to keep uninvited guests out of the system. Here PC-Spezialist Berlin from ComputerButler is your competent partner. In addition to the installation of an antivirus program, a back-up is carried out. By means of IT security check and network analysis weak points are uncovered.

ComputerButler guarantees fair price management for all offers. Convince yourself of our know-how and contact us now!

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