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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find most of the answers. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Opening the Mac app of an unverified developer

1. on your Mac in the Finder search for the Remote maintenance app that you want to open.

2. hold on your keyboard the ?ctrl? key while moving the mouse over the "App icon" with the context menu ?Open? so that the app is registered in the future.

Problem starting the Mac remote maintenance app

When starting the remote maintenance app, confirm with ".Yes" that you would like to join the session. 

2. you will be asked if you want to "sh" to give you access to your Mac by using the "Open system settings". 

3. the "Operating aid"opens. Click on the lock symbol at the bottom left and enter your login data (administrator). With "suspend cover" confirm.

4. now you can select "sh" confirm.

Depending on the MacOS version, it may also be necessary to install the following apps under "Screen sharing" to activate:

  • sh
  • pcvdisplayserver
  • remotehost
  • Supporter module 15.0

or under "Screen capture"

  • sh
  • Remote Host 15.0

By clicking on the lock again, you protect the settings again.

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