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If you are looking for the right service provider for the IT infrastructure of your company in Berlin, ComputerButler is the right partner for you. We offer not only companies, but also users a wide range of services in IT service. Not only do we take on the planning of individual security and data protection concepts as well as the administration of your networks, but we also offer flexible and tailor-made IT solutions according to customer requirements.

IT system house: From hardware to software individual solutions

Whether wholesale, pharmacy, winery, retailer, clinic or user - we find individual, customized solutions for all customers and all industries that exactly meet your requirements and your budget. In doing so, we place great emphasis on taking your needs into account and take plenty of time to create a suitable IT package that can then be further configured as required. All projects are managed by our experts in Berlin with great commitment and know-how - from planning and implementation to the daily work with hardware and software.

The IT system house - what is that exactly?

Over the course of time, the IT industry has increasingly changed - this continues to happen continuously. In contrast to the term "IT service provider", which is often used, many people are still not entirely clear about the term "IT system house". So what is an IT system house really about and what tasks does it perform?

First and foremost, an IT system house is the link between the manufacturer and the end customer. As a rule, Berlin-based companies in the SME sector are the typical customers of an IT system house, which develops solutions, provides the necessary products and ultimately also sets them up on site at the customer. In addition, the IT system house often takes over system maintenance and diagnosis in the event of problems. Should the functionality be limited, the IT system house helps promptly so that costly system failures cannot occur in the first place.

IT system houses work both directly at the customer's site and via remote maintenance. The latter in turn allows PC experts to dial directly into the customer's system from another location and solve problems digitally. Nevertheless, personal appointments at the customer's site are also enormously important in order to discuss wishes and goals as well as analyses.

It often happens that companies have their own in-house IT department and only some areas are outsourced to an IT system house. This is especially true for larger corporations. Another variant is complete outsourcing, so that the external service provider such as ComputerButler takes care of the entire infrastructure of the systems. It often happens that an IT system house also acts as a consultant for internal processes of the customer.

The IT system house - typical services and tasks

Hiring a professional IT expert brings a variety of benefits and security. So-called managed IT services are easier to manage and there is no need to hire and pay a technician yourself.

First and foremost, an IT system house deals primarily with the topic of network services. This includes, among other things, the setup, installation and subsequent management of a network that is later to be used throughout the company. Networks that are solidly built and adapted to the customer's requirements should be easy to operate and provide fast access to all important data. To ensure that functionality is permanently guaranteed, the network is subject to constant monitoring that is active around the clock. This means that even short-term repairs or optimizations are possible in the event of malfunctions or even a system failure. Above all, it is important to integrate network security solutions so that the systems are securely protected against spyware, viruses and hacker attacks.

Another branch is infrastructure management or targeted IT support. It is important that an IT support service has excellent knowledge of software and hardware structures. This is because security functions, patches for software as well as necessary updates have to be installed. ComputerButler takes over these tasks for you as a reliable and experienced partner.

Hiring an IT system house: Fast and reliable help from ComputerButler

As a professional full-service provider in Berlin, ComputerButler offers you both the necessary know-how as well as the latest technologies and the necessary creativity to find customized, individual solutions for your company. Our experts specialize in developing IT solutions that ensure that all digital aspects are seamlessly interwoven, ensuring a secure and functional IT structure in a company.

Our Berlin IT specialists will be happy to advise you on which services may prove particularly useful for your company. Of course, they will also support you in the individual development of the perfect IT strategy, which should represent a solid long-term solution.

ComputerButler not only offers you general advice on all topics concerning your IT areas, but also takes over the care and maintenance of your IT systems.

Contact us right away for an initial on-site consultation in Berlin!

An adapted and flexible IT structure is essential for every modern company. For this reason, you should not hesitate any longer and contact us right away - so we can start directly to find an individual solution for you.

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