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Website creation Berlin

Nowadays, websites not only serve to entertain visitors. Above all, they take important information about their own company and the people behind it. For this reason, a private or corporate website in Berlin is now indispensable.

If you need a professionally created, optimized website in Berlin, you should not rely on the first agency. We at ComputerButler guarantee you an all-round perfect service. Starting with the concept, we will work with you step by step to develop your planned or already existing Internet presence. We offer you different services like content management systems, own trainings as well as the support and creation of your homepages. All you have to do is contact our web design agency with your request.

In terms of web design, you will not find any outdated techniques with us.

Our web designers attach great importance to using only the latest knowledge in programming and design, so that you can enjoy your website for a long time. Here we attach great importance to direct communication with you. While other companies contact their customers by phone, email or chat, we talk to you face to face directly in our Berlin agency. This way, our web designers can ensure that the joint end product meets your wishes and requirements. Of course, you can always contact our company with questions and requests. The support and consulting service of ComputerButler does not end after the completion of your website. From the beginning and after the end of the project we are always there for you. So you should not hesitate and call us directly.

Always the latest technology

One of the trademarks of ComputerButler is our highly skilled web designers. To meet all customer requirements, they always use the latest available technology. This means that your website creation always meets the current requirements. For example, if you wish to integrate a content management system such as WordPress, Typo3, Joomla, Contao or Drupal, this is always possible with us. The CMS enables us to keep your website up to date at all times and to continuously add new content. Thus, your visitors will not find old information on your web pages and are at the same time always up to date. Of course, you can also manage your website on your own through the systems. For this purpose, we have our own WordPress training courses, in which you can participate at any time.

In addition to the integration in WordPress, Typo3 and other systems, we also offer an optimization of your website in Berlin. All of us designed Internet presences the SEO guidelines. Thus, they are not only search engine friendly, but appear in search engines at the top. Consequently, interested parties will find you faster on the Internet, which in turn will benefit from a high number of visitors. Both all websites redesigned by our web designers and a website relaunch, we at ComputerButler attach great importance to the end result being search engine optimized. If you prefer content that is specifically geared towards SEO, we can of course add this at any time.

Unique website creation just for you

ComputerButler kreiert Ihnen nicht nur Ihre Wunschwebseiten. Unsere Webdesigner achten stets darauf, die neuesten Technologien und Anforderungen des Webdesigns anzuwenden. Alle von uns erstellten Webauftritte sind stets optimiert, Responsive und mobil. Das angewandte Responsive Design sorgt dafür, dass nur ein einziges Design für Ihre Webseite benötigt wird. Aufgrund des Designs verändert sich der Internetauftritt nicht. Hierbei weist der Quellcode die notwendigen Programmiercodes auf, damit sich die Website automatisch an das Endgerät anpasst. Dadurch lässt sich das Endergebnis jederzeit mit Smartphones, Tablets und Standgeräten wie Desktop Computern oder Laptops abrufen.

Auch um Redaktionssysteme und CMS wie WordPress und Typo3 müssen Sie sich nicht sorgen. Diese sind standardmäßig programmiert, sich ebenfalls jederzeit leicht verändern zu lassen. Möchten Sie beispielsweise die Benutzerführung erleichtern oder eine neue Navigation für Ihre Internetpräsenz einbauen, müssen Sie dies unseren Webdesignern nur sagen. Die einzelnen Webseiten-Elemente sind mobil, Responsive und optimiert. Durch ihre Einbindung in ein Wireframe-Modell lassen sie sich dadurch schnell ersetzen oder auf den neuesten Stand bringen.

Other services such as intranet access or an online shop are also possible. Bring your suggestions and wishes to our web designers. They will gladly integrate the desired elements for you according to the latest web design guidelines.

Always at your service

If you are planning to have your website designed by ComputerButler Berlin, you are very welcome in our web design agency. After the initial meeting with you, in which we lay the foundation for the joint project, we create the first version. Step by step you can watch the creation process of your website and make changes.

Our web designers have been in the web design business for many years and can incorporate your requests at any time. Make an appointment with us today, so that we can create your website in the desired time frame for you. Of course you can also contact us with the redesign of an old website. Our web designers will gladly give your old website a new look.

If you would like to have a completely non-binding conversation with us, you should also not hesitate. Contact our company at any time.


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Webdesign Services


Responsive Design

Optimale Darstellung ihrer Webseite auf allen Endgeräten wie dem Smartphone, Tablet oder PC.

Schnelle Webseite

Wir optimieren Ihre Website auf schnelle Ladezeiten. Das ist für Ihre Kunden und für Google wichtig.

Corporate Identity

Wir passen auf ihren Wunsch ihre neue Homepage an Ihr Corporate Design und ihre Firmenidentität an.

Rechtssichere DSGVO

Ihre Homepage wird mit einem rechtssicheren Impressum und DSGVO-konformen Datenschutz gehärtet.

Selbst Änderungen vornehmen

Wenn Ihre Website von uns an Sie übergeben wird, können Sie alle Inhalte selbst aktualisieren.

Google SEO & Co

Ihre Website wird Suchmaschinen-optimiert programmiert nach modernen SEO-Standards.

online shops

Wir entwickeln für ihre Webseite ihren Shop für echte oder digitale Produkte sowie Dienstleistungen.


Internationale Kunden? Mehrsprachigkeit? Gerne implementieren wir weitere Sprachen auf ihrer Homepage.


Ob Hackerangriffe, Malware, Viren oder DDOS Attacken, unsere Firewalls schützen Sie zuverlässig.

Support & Maintenance

Smooth business processes through regular maintenance of your hardware and software.

Web Layout

Landing pages

Generieren Sie Leads und steigern Sie ihre Klickrate für Besucher durch optimierte Landingpages.


Events & Newsletter

Informieren Sie ihre Kunden über Veranstaltungen & News direkt auf der Website und per E-Mail.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Hier finden Sie Antworten zu
häufigen Fragen

What distinguishes your web design agency?

The 360° view: That's why our teams are made up of business economists, designers, developers, project managers, writers and artists to combine the best possible successes for you from consulting, analysis and results.

Our employees are stunning coders and have a very good eye for quality and design. This unique combination of generalists and specialists is rarely found in a company in Germany.

We calculate transparently, are sympathetic and maintain an appreciative relationship with all our partners, colleagues and customers.

Our strengths lie in the area of IT services, programming, CMS (WordPress, TYPO3, Jommla), web design, online shops, graphic and print design, SEO/SEM, DSGVO, PageSpeed and interfaces.

And we still walk the earth

At which locations are you active?

We successfully implement projects for customers from: Berlin/Potsdam, Hamburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Cologne, Hanover, Leipzig, Dresden, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich or Stuttgart - in short, all over Germany.

What does professional web design cost?

This question can be answered quickly and easily: It depends ?

Example: For a so-called individual onepager or a web business card you can plan between approx. 1.000 ? 3.000 ?, as HTML5 or CMS version.

For a new website with an individual design draft and the use of your texts and images (if not available, we search for photos in our databases and insert sample texts as placeholders at appropriate places), optimized for mobile devices, standard search engine optimization, a contact form, a privacy page, the imprint, created with the CMS WordPress or Joomla calculate (from) about 3,000 ?

Each project is unique in its scope and required features such as animations, videos, multilingual pages, forms, web shops, event planners, configurators and interfaces as well as the scope and quality of the content, the total number of pages to be created and the layout.

The first step: Fill out our project planner at the bottom of the page. In the following joint meeting, we will discuss all requirements and provide you with a fixed price offer that is fair and transparent.

Can we edit texts and images ourselves?

Yes. Almost all of our websites are created with a CMS (Content Management System). We are happy to take over the maintenance of your website or you and your employees will receive training. Afterwards, you can log in at any time and independently edit texts, create blogposts or upload images even without PHP or HTML programming knowledge.

How long does it take to create a website?

Depending on the scope of the website as well as the required functionality, the implementation of simple homepages is possible within two to three weeks. Provided that you have already created a service booklet or proof of concept, in which your wishes and ideas are clearly outlined and also in your company enough staff resources are available, which can give us timely questions and feedback.

What about SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization ? Search Engine Optimization ? and includes all technical and marketing measures for your website, so that it is found and clicked in the top positions in the search engines (Google).

A distinction is made between Onpage SEO (technical adjustments such as website speed and content optimization of the website) and Offpage SEO (measures outside the website such as linking or social media activities).

Search engine optimization is a continuous process that starts with keyword and competitor analysis to find out which relevant search terms or term combinations your potential target group (customers) enters in the search engines (Google). Based on the keyword and competitor analysis, we develop an individual SEO strategy and produce content in the form of media, texts, images, graphics, tables, audio and video files and ensure their distribution (content seeding).

Please note that when you book an SEO package with us, we cannot guarantee the rank (x) on Google, because Google calculates and constantly revises the position of websites through artificial intelligence and machine learning with countless algorithms. However, since we ourselves are specialists in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, this very much puts us in a position to help your website achieve higher visibility.

An achieved ranking is no guarantee for a permanent position. This is only guaranteed by continuous SEO measures.

Homepage Packages

HTML, WordPress or TYPO3

ab 670?

  • Individual design
  • Contact form
  • 5 pages
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

from 1.070?

  • Individual design
  • Contact form
  • 5 pages
  • Edit content yourself
  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • and much more.

ab 2.470 ?

  • Individual design
  • Contact form
  • 10 pages
  • Edit content yourself
  • Gallery
  • Blog
  • and much more.
web development services

Web development, apps and interfaces

We program your app, interface or multilingual shop and create a sophisticated shop design for the perfect presentation of your products or services with optimal usability UI/UX.

computerbutler programmierung anwendungen schnittstellen datenbanken vba

How do we work? The project process.

The foundations for the satisfactory success of the project are laid at the planning stage.
design sprints process 1
01 Initialisation of the project

First of all, a rough schedule of upcoming tasks is drawn up, which is supplemented or modified as implementation progresses.

The customer provides the design team with information about his company, the products and the market situation. Which competitors appear on the market? What are the company's favoured offers in its product range? Which market development is to be expected, which goals does the customer pursue?

All these questions determine the choice of functionalities that are implemented and represented by the software and the design.

02. conceptual design and first implementation

The scope of the offer and the functions of the design are created, content and requirements for its presentation are implemented and initially implemented on a preliminary basis. The team formulates structural and strategic alternatives to offer the client decision-making options and additional elements for the website. A market analysis completes the project so that the client objectively assesses the positioning of his company in the market, presents his brand according to the segment.

03 Start of the project
When the client places the order, the project enters the internal planning of our agency. The first tasks and processes are distributed to the project groups. The domain is registered and the host is commissioned with launching the new domain.
04. design and layout

Based on the information of the analysis, a design draft is created. The company is to be presented in a personalized way, the web technology and an adequate user guidance are implemented. The functionalities of the page are also captured in the design as a whole. The software is created in its basic structures and architecture.

Programming begins, defined functions and each component of the design are translated into a concrete program code and executed. If there is a corresponding need, a graphical user interface is set up in addition to the program. This makes it easier for the user to handle the program for testing purposes.

The text editorial team creates the content, photos and graphic elements are added. Optimization for search engines and translations are further aspects of the design of the web presence.

05. the implementation

The results are made available to the customer for interim acceptance. Upon approval, the software is implemented. The customer's existing test environment is the basis for the installation. If necessary, an adequate environment can also be realized by the provider.

The project is integrated into the existing conditions and modified if necessary. At this point of the project development the interaction with operating systems is optimized, databases are set up and the communication with other applications of the customer is realized.

Adaptation and integration into the hardware and software constellation is the condition for smooth operation and integrated functionality even of the newly added components.

06. test and first run

All functions and components are now analyzed within the framework of a test plan and corrected if necessary. Any weaknesses identified are to be modified, and the test run is repeated until the problem-free runability of the application is guaranteed.

Integrated modules and special solutions requested by the customer are tested for their function. The display in different browsers and also on various end devices is tested and adapted.

07. acceptance by the customer

Once all test procedures have been satisfactorily completed and the necessary corrections and adjustments have been made, acceptance by the customer takes place. This phase of the project also serves to record final changes and additions until finally all components of the software function smoothly. After all, the preparation of the content, the desired enhancements and conversions should meet the customer's expectations.

After creating the imprint and privacy policy, the project is ready to go online.

08. support and feedback after going online

Even after successful realization of the project, it is important for us to obtain feedback from the customer. Often it is not until day-to-day operation that it is discovered that components should still be added or improvements are possible. If questions arise, we are always available to our customers and welcome cooperation even beyond the end of the project.

Portfolio from Customers and references from our current projects

With a firework of creative ideas, we create unique brand experiences that appeal to your audience with every fibre and inspire and touch them with all their senses.

Strategy. Branding. Design. Implementation.

content management systems

Manage with a content management system (short form CMS) digital content in the form of text, images, graphics, tables or videos in the team within your organization.


Are you looking for a WordPress programmer? ComputerButler is your WordPress agency for WordPress creation, design, SEO optimization, service, help and training.


TYPO3 Content Management System Agency. ComputerButler is your TYPO3 service provider for development, consulting, support, seminars or homepage optimization.


Web design by experienced Joomla specialists. Have professional & individual websites, components or plugins created and programmed for Joomla by your ComputerButler.


Professional & individual websites with the CMS system Contao from the Drupal specialist ComputerButler. Contao development by experienced programmers of the first hour.

Web design by industries

We write
for the web

Copywriting articles for services, blogs, news & stories, products, newsletters, social media posts and traditional media.
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