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Data Recovery SSD Berlin

The good old hard drive is increasingly becoming a discontinued model. More and more frequently, SSD storage is taking over its service. Solid state discs are becoming more and more affordable and impress with their fast data transfer. In notebooks, tablets and smartphones, they have been the most important storage medium for apps and data for some time. In personal computers they complement hard disks. Servers also make use of the fast data storage devices. A key advantage over storing your files on a hard drive is that SSD storage is impervious to shock. Although they are considered extremely robust, your data can be lost due to a defect. We at ComputerButler Berlin can help you quickly and reliably with SSD data recovery.

New storage medium - old problem

SSD storage has only been around for a relatively short time. Although they are very robust, data loss cannot be completely prevented. Operating errors are one of the most common causes. One wrong click is enough to lose important files, folders or an entire partition. Accidental formatting results in the loss of e-mails, reminders, contracts or customer files. Viruses, Trojans other malicious software can be responsible for the deletion of data. A great loss that we can prevent in many cases. ComputerButler knows the logic of the storage medium and restores your data.

Lost data is not only caused by a carelessness of the user. Often it is external influences that cause the loss of data and require SSD data recovery. These include moisture or an overvoltage, which affect your data carrier so much that data becomes unreadable. Despite their robustness, SSDs do not tolerate excessive heat. Overheating causes a delay or failure of file access. A defect in the BIOS of the computer or an error in the operating system can cause the system to no longer recognize the SSD memory. We rescue your data by analyzing your memory and fixing the error.

Lost data and now?

It is important that you keep a cool head. Do not try to solve the problem yourself, but call us. ComputerButler Berlin will take care of the data recovery for you. Don't follow your operating system when it wants to format your SSD storage, call us. We know what to do. The less you do after discovering the problem, the more likely the success of data recovery SSD by us. We'll get you back up and running quickly and affordably.

We analyze the memory and locate the error. Sometimes an update of the firmware is enough and your files are readable again. Often the data recovery SSD requires great expertise. Our Berlin experts disassemble the memory chips to determine how a defective controller stored the data. Researching how the controller works allows us to simulate the technology so that files can be reconstructed. We have the necessary experience and equipment to make your lost treasures visible again.

Data recovery RAID

RAID is the secure way to effectively store a growing amount of data. RAID systems are therefore often used in companies. They consist of several hard disks or SSDs that the system recognizes as a common storage unit. This mode of operation ensures a high level of security because all hard disks are used simultaneously. If one storage medium fails, the others remain usable. The system can continue to work, but at the same time can no longer read files on the failed hard disk.

With RAID data recovery, the data can be recovered. Even accidentally deleted files will not be lost if you quickly hire ComputerButler Berlin for data recovery. As with SSD data recovery, you should act immediately if you notice data loss. We ensure that you can continue to work without problems after the data recovery on the hard drive.

To recover the files, we analyze each storage device. We reconstruct the SSD during data recovery and create a copy for each sector. The recovery of bad sectors depends on the type of damage.

Before you attempt to perform hard drive data recovery yourself, keep one thing in mind: using conventional tools or recovery software may result in complete unrepairable data loss. If the system does not restart properly after a power failure, do not make any attempts to fix the problem. Calling us will save you time and save your data in almost all cases.

NAS systems

NAS server systems are popular for archiving and backups. They offer good performance at a reasonable price and are considered energy-efficient, compact and easy to handle. Network Attached Storage (NAS) uses RIAD technology, which guarantees high data security. In the meantime, there are also the first NAS systems with SSD storage. Despite the high data security, loss of files can occur.

Power failure, overvoltage, faulty operating system or firmware as well as accidental deletion should not make you panic. Most of the time, the data can be recovered by our professional data recovery methods.

USB sticks

SSD data recovery may also be required for USB sticks. The small storage media are suitable for backup or transfer of smaller amounts of data. One problem with the sticks is that they only have a limited lifespan. If they come to the end of their life cycle, they can malfunction and cause data loss. Bring the USD stick to us, because we also rescue the data on your USB stick.

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