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Data recovery RAID

RAID data recovery requires thorough knowledge of RAID systems, their file systems and individual storage media. ComputerButler specialists have many years of comprehensive knowledge of specialized methods for professional restoration of lost data on all RAID systems.

Recovering data from all types of RAID systems

A RAID system offers many advantages that a single hard disk cannot provide. Two or more separate hard drives are connected together using software or hardware to form a logical drive (RAID system) to achieve the desired characteristics of the RAID system (e.g., security of data and increased speed). RAID systems not only improve data security by increasing reliability (redundancy), but also provide more storage (increased capacity) and more decent data throughput (better performance) than a single hard drive. However, a RAID system is not 100 % reliable protection against data loss.

At ComputerButler Berlin, we know that RAID systems and servers are most often used to back up data and more often for critical business processes in a company. The growing popularity of cloud storage or virtualization of individual workstations (VM products) also allows many IT companies to rely on such solutions. In such cases, a system failure or data loss can have business-critical consequences, as important processes and procedures are violated or interrupted. This can cause enormous economic damage.

When an emergency occurs and your company's server or RAID system suddenly crashes, calm is the top priority: stay calm and don't panic! The danger of illegal actions is that the damage will not only be greater but catastrophic. Before you irrevocably destroy your data yourself, contact one of our data recovery experts who specialize in RAID data recovery and server/VM restoration. In addition to round-the-clock service, ComputerButler also offers personal contact processing and priority orders for all RAID and server data recovery cases. Our Berlin experts have many years of experience in recovering data from all types of RAID systems as well as NAS and SAN devices, virtual servers, tape servers and databases.

Your RAID system is in the safe hands of our data rescuers. Our data managers know how costly and time consuming it can be to lose important data in your own business. RAID systems contain the most significant and valuable file information about the company's customers and are by no means fault tolerant. RAID systems are primarily designed to combine performance, security and high storage capacity. In such very complex systems, data can be lost even if it is stored excessively. Therefore, our data rescuers strongly recommend regular backups to avoid data loss.

A failure of the RAID system can mean the end of the company. For this reason, the recovery of RAID data has the highest priority in Germany. Storage devices required for large projects are in the terabyte range. Only RAID systems can be used for this. Even if such systems are sold as safe, they often react very sensitively when several hard disks fail due to their special structure.

RAID data recovery process

Inquiry and Consultation - During the initial consultation, the circumstances of the RAID failure, information about the RAID system, the amount of data and media type, and other actions are determined.

Diagnostics - Whether the RAID system was operating vitally due to a hard drive failure, RAID firmware error, RAID controller error, or malfunction, our data recovery engineers can rebuild a RAID system of any complexity. As part of our free diagnostics, RAID hard drives are checked for problems and cloned. If possible, we will reconstruct the RAID system during the analysis.

RAID data recovery - During RAID recovery, the original RAID structure is reproduced using our specially developed tools. Partitions, file systems, containers, virtual machines, etc. are reconstructed and checked for consistency. Then the RAID data is read out. In most cases, you will receive an overview of the data that ComputerButler Berlin was able to recover after the analysis.

Data Transfer - After successful data recovery, ComputerButler will send you a summary of your data for review. Then you will get back all the data from the corresponding disks.

Good reasons to recover RAID with ComputerButler

Your RAID system will be taken from you free of charge within 24 hours and transferred directly to our specialists. The analysis usually takes 24 hours. Once ComputerButler starts evaluating and fixing the related problems, ComputerButler can tell you within 24 hours how much data is lost - and provide you with an accurate data recovery proposal.

ComputerButler Berlin is on standby for its customers 24 hours, 7 days a week. Of course, the support will be happy to answer your questions about the process, analysis, costs, duration of data recovery, etc.

After the RAID analysis, you will receive two offers from us: one for express delivery and one for economic data recovery. Then you make the decision for or against data recovery by ComputerButler engineers.

Confidentiality - Of course ComputerButler treats your data absolutely confidential. Your file information is in safe hands with ComputerButler and will never be shared with third parties and will be permanently deleted from our databases after delivery.

No analysis costs when data recovery is commissioned - If you accept one of our proposed data recovery quotes, you will not be charged for the analysis. However, if you decide against the data restoration, you will only bear the expenses for the analysis.

98,7 % Success - The success rate of 98,7 % makes ComputerButler from Berlin one of the most important data recovery companies in Europe. Even in the most thankless cases, ComputerButler engineers often find a worthy solution.

Are you looking for a RAID system data recovery specialist? - Your data recovery from ComputerButler is your reliable full-service partner for data recovery!

ComputerButler technical experts have been recovering file systems for leading innovative companies for many years. You can always rely on. ComputerButler takes care of all deleted and damaged storage media quickly and professionally. Our forensic experts will repair storage formats of any form for you. ComputerButler data administrators always know what to do. Our comprehensive data recovery expertise is a constant that you can always count on. That's why ComputerButler is only satisfied with optimal data recovery solutions.

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Customer Opinion

Christiane Rudelsberger

When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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