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A professionally created database makes it possible to make your data secure, structured and easily accessible. The database system is tailored and programmed to your individual wishes and requirements. Advantages arise for your company in very different areas.

Wide range of applications

With the help of their database, they can quickly and professionally retrieve and manage customer data. Work processes can thus be carried out much faster and more economically. Through simple analyses, databases provide an ideal overview of your business. They provide information about the buying and reaction behavior of your customers and can help to optimize business processes significantly. This not only saves time, but also resources.

A well-structured inventory or stock database allows you to track your warehouse at a glance. It not only helps to record storage times and capacities, but also warehousemen and customers. This way, availability and delivery times can be made visible quickly and easily.

The areas of application of databases are extraordinarily versatile and are not exhausted in a few examples. Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to advise you on how work and business processes can be improved thanks to well-structured databases. Are you located in Berlin or the surrounding area? We would be happy to make an appointment with you for a personal and individual consultation. No matter whether your company or project already has an existing server or is still at the beginning of a broad digitization.

We work on your solution

We at ComputerButler Berlin develop a customized database solution together with you. This includes, in addition to the actual database, access tools and asisstents for the analysis of their databases. We rely on the SQL language, which is characterized by high security and reliability and is also supported by most database systems. Especially MySQL has proven to be user-friendly and reliable for many applications. Together with you we analyse your current database. Based on this analysis, we develop individual solutions for Amazon Aurora/Redshift, Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA, Firebird, as well as for ?denormalized? databases such as dBASE, FileMaker, and others. databases such as dBASE, FileMaker, Microsoft Access and show how individual database tables are related to each other.

The development of a database system is not a static matter. We at ComputerButler Berlin attach importance to high flexibility and adaptability. Thus, your database can be expanded in the future and operate with growing data volumes. It is also possible to further develop your existing database system. We bring your software to the latest state of the art and security. We support you in integrating your new database into existing systems and applications.

We at ComputerButler not only develop your new database solution, but also guarantee its smooth application. This includes optimizing the response time for frequent queries or the integration into existing applications. We also ensure high security and data consistency. Both form the basis of reliable data storage.

At ComputerButler Berlin we value a customer-oriented support. We want to bring the project together with you to a successful result. For your questions and wishes, we are always available.

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software development

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Planned Budget: 3000 ?

How do we work? The project process.

The foundations for the satisfactory success of the project are laid at the planning stage.
design sprints process 1
01 Initialisation of the project

First of all, a rough schedule of upcoming tasks is drawn up, which is supplemented or modified as implementation progresses.

The customer provides the design team with information about his company, the products and the market situation. Which competitors appear on the market? What are the company's favoured offers in its product range? Which market development is to be expected, which goals does the customer pursue?

All these questions determine the choice of functionalities that are implemented and represented by the software and the design.

02. conceptual design and first implementation

The scope of the offer and the functions of the design are created, content and requirements for its presentation are implemented and initially implemented on a preliminary basis. The team formulates structural and strategic alternatives to offer the client decision-making options and additional elements for the website. A market analysis completes the project so that the client objectively assesses the positioning of his company in the market, presents his brand according to the segment.

03 Start of the project
When the client places the order, the project enters the internal planning of our agency. The first tasks and processes are distributed to the project groups. The domain is registered and the host is commissioned with launching the new domain.
04. design and layout

Based on the information of the analysis, a design draft is created. The company is to be presented in a personalized way, the web technology and an adequate user guidance are implemented. The functionalities of the page are also captured in the design as a whole. The software is created in its basic structures and architecture.

Programming begins, defined functions and each component of the design are translated into a concrete program code and executed. If there is a corresponding need, a graphical user interface is set up in addition to the program. This makes it easier for the user to handle the program for testing purposes.

The text editorial team creates the content, photos and graphic elements are added. Optimization for search engines and translations are further aspects of the design of the web presence.

05. the implementation

The results are made available to the customer for interim acceptance. Upon approval, the software is implemented. The customer's existing test environment is the basis for the installation. If necessary, an adequate environment can also be realized by the provider.

The project is integrated into the existing conditions and modified if necessary. At this point of the project development the interaction with operating systems is optimized, databases are set up and the communication with other applications of the customer is realized.

Adaptation and integration into the hardware and software constellation is the condition for smooth operation and integrated functionality even of the newly added components.

06. test and first run

All functions and components are now analyzed within the framework of a test plan and corrected if necessary. Any weaknesses identified are to be modified, and the test run is repeated until the problem-free runability of the application is guaranteed.

Integrated modules and special solutions requested by the customer are tested for their function. The display in different browsers and also on various end devices is tested and adapted.

07. acceptance by the customer

Once all test procedures have been satisfactorily completed and the necessary corrections and adjustments have been made, acceptance by the customer takes place. This phase of the project also serves to record final changes and additions until finally all components of the software function smoothly. After all, the preparation of the content, the desired enhancements and conversions should meet the customer's expectations.

After creating the imprint and privacy policy, the project is ready to go online.

08. support and feedback after going online

Even after successful realization of the project, it is important for us to obtain feedback from the customer. Often it is not until day-to-day operation that it is discovered that components should still be added or improvements are possible. If questions arise, we are always available to our customers and welcome cooperation even beyond the end of the project.

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