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In an initial consultation, you describe your project to ComputerButler. In addition to their requirements and goals, the basic conditions and feasibility are also taken into account. Depending on the type of concept, experts will prepare an investment forecast or a fixed price offer for you. If you decide to carry out your project with ComputerButler, the conceptual details of your project and your cooperation will be discussed. This can be, for example, the selection of suitable business components, necessary functions or the technical coordination. At the end, the services to be performed are documented.

Speed and design are very important in e-commerce, because it is essential for your users and Google. Therefore, for online shops purchased themes are not always the best choice, because prefabricated templates often bring unnecessary ballast. For this reason, ComputerButler Berlin develops the design and online store that fits you and your e-commerce project individually.

Implementation phase of an online shop

Now it really starts. Depending on the project, the layout is created, the solution of the business is configured and programmed. All this is done in close consultation with you. Before your online shop is launched or handed over to you for use, a thorough training is carried out. Here you will learn how to use the software and processes. We are also at your disposal after you have successfully gone online.

Ongoing support / monitoring

Even if your online shop or your personalized solution is working, ComputerButler Berlin is always at your disposal. The support of your sales systems is just as important as the consultation through e-commerce or the maintenance of store servers. We are also happy to take over online marketing for them, for example in the form of search engine optimization (SEO).

The most popular store systems for small and medium online shops

Shopware is a shop system that is mainly used in German-speaking countries. This is a system that offers you great creative freedom because it is customizable. You can adapt it to your individual requirements. The trading system is characterized by a good user-friendliness, so that you as a beginner can manage this system simply. Extensive marketing features also provide you with a wide range of options to market your products in the best possible way.

Magento and Shopware are important market participants. Woocommerce is a store system for WordPress and has become the most successful online store software in the world in recent years. According to various studies, up to 22 percent of all online stores currently use WooCommerce. Shopify and Jimdoo often attract attention through online advertising and are more likely to target individuals.

Costs should always be considered in relation to business operations

The acquisition costs initially say nothing about how much the operation of the shop system actually costs. A cheap shop system may not be sufficient for certain requirements. Jimdoo is the cheapest system, but also has only rudimentary functionality. Magento is the most expensive shop system, but ideal for sprawling stores with a large number of products. For a small shop, a complex system like Magento can be unnecessary and expensive.

ERP system for your Magento, Shopify or Shopware online shop

You can connect and access your online store directly with a complete ERP system. Manage your product data and orders with ERP. Via an interface, you provide your online shops with all the necessary information in parallel.

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Planned Budget: 3000 ?

How do we work? The project process.

The foundations for the satisfactory success of the project are laid at the planning stage.
design sprints process 1
01 Initialisation of the project

First of all, a rough schedule of upcoming tasks is drawn up, which is supplemented or modified as implementation progresses.

The customer provides the design team with information about his company, the products and the market situation. Which competitors appear on the market? What are the company's favoured offers in its product range? Which market development is to be expected, which goals does the customer pursue?

All these questions determine the choice of functionalities that are implemented and represented by the software and the design.

02. conceptual design and first implementation

The scope of the offer and the functions of the design are created, content and requirements for its presentation are implemented and initially implemented on a preliminary basis. The team formulates structural and strategic alternatives to offer the client decision-making options and additional elements for the website. A market analysis completes the project so that the client objectively assesses the positioning of his company in the market, presents his brand according to the segment.

03 Start of the project
When the client places the order, the project enters the internal planning of our agency. The first tasks and processes are distributed to the project groups. The domain is registered and the host is commissioned with launching the new domain.
04. design and layout

Based on the information of the analysis, a design draft is created. The company is to be presented in a personalized way, the web technology and an adequate user guidance are implemented. The functionalities of the page are also captured in the design as a whole. The software is created in its basic structures and architecture.

Programming begins, defined functions and each component of the design are translated into a concrete program code and executed. If there is a corresponding need, a graphical user interface is set up in addition to the program. This makes it easier for the user to handle the program for testing purposes.

The text editorial team creates the content, photos and graphic elements are added. Optimization for search engines and translations are further aspects of the design of the web presence.

05. the implementation

The results are made available to the customer for interim acceptance. Upon approval, the software is implemented. The customer's existing test environment is the basis for the installation. If necessary, an adequate environment can also be realized by the provider.

The project is integrated into the existing conditions and modified if necessary. At this point of the project development the interaction with operating systems is optimized, databases are set up and the communication with other applications of the customer is realized.

Adaptation and integration into the hardware and software constellation is the condition for smooth operation and integrated functionality even of the newly added components.

06. test and first run

All functions and components are now analyzed within the framework of a test plan and corrected if necessary. Any weaknesses identified are to be modified, and the test run is repeated until the problem-free runability of the application is guaranteed.

Integrated modules and special solutions requested by the customer are tested for their function. The display in different browsers and also on various end devices is tested and adapted.

07. acceptance by the customer

Once all test procedures have been satisfactorily completed and the necessary corrections and adjustments have been made, acceptance by the customer takes place. This phase of the project also serves to record final changes and additions until finally all components of the software function smoothly. After all, the preparation of the content, the desired enhancements and conversions should meet the customer's expectations.

After creating the imprint and privacy policy, the project is ready to go online.

08. support and feedback after going online

Even after successful realization of the project, it is important for us to obtain feedback from the customer. Often it is not until day-to-day operation that it is discovered that components should still be added or improvements are possible. If questions arise, we are always available to our customers and welcome cooperation even beyond the end of the project.

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