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Apple Repair Berlin

Professional repair of Apple / Mac hardware and software

Apple gadgets, like all technical devices, can be defective, regardless of whether you can no longer start them, your hard drive is damaged or the fans of your Mac become very loud. These are all problems you don't have to put up with, because in such cases ComputerButler is your professional contact in Berlin and the surrounding area. With the appropriate tools, equipment and programs you need for a successful Apple repair, as well as regular training, we can get your Apple ecosystem up and running again.

Whether at your home or in our workshop. Our Apple repair service can also provide spare parts at short notice if required and install them professionally on your system. We first diagnose your problem in detail, be it temperature problems, data consistency/hard drive condition, misconfiguration, virus attack, missing updates, incompatible software or drivers. Afterwards we backup your data if possible. In unclear cases, we will provide you with various solutions, combined with an objective evaluation of a reasonable ratio of repairs to costs.

Apple repair: Your MacBook or iMac is in good hands at ComputerButler

If your Apple equipment is not working as it should or is really broken, bring it into our shop during opening hours. Whether it's a warranty claim or a chargeable repair, we'll provide a quote and/or take care of your problem. It doesn't matter where you bought your equipment.

MacBooks and iMacs are, for the most part, faithful everyday objects. All the more fatal when the device no longer works as intended. Our trained IT electronics technicians fix widespread complications directly in our Apple workshop. As an autonomous service provider, we are not bound by the repair procedures laid down by the manufacturer and can therefore also offer repairs that could not otherwise be carried out.

The most common error patterns are defective main memory, faulty hard disk, keyboard, screen, damaged batteries and connectors. But we are also happy to help with all other problems. In case of defects it is always worth coming to ComputerButler with a defective device!

Software problems can be very different: The computer no longer starts, the Apple computer is infected with viruses or programs do not work. We solve these and similar problems reliably and quickly. With age, the components of the MacBook or iMac can wear out. For the most common failures, we offer affordable and bundled pricing. So that your Apple device works like it used to.

With a new battery, the iPad can be used for many years

The battery has been one of the weak points of mobile phones and tablet computers for many years. Even with the latest lithium-ion technology, battery life is limited. With Apple products, this is no reason for disappointment, as the weak battery can be replaced relatively easily. However, you should still leave the replacement to one of our professionals. This will protect you from scratches and other damage when handling.

At the same time, our technicians can check if a defective battery is the only problem with the device. This protects you from the next complication immediately after battery replacement. Repair work such as changing the battery or the display has become a breeze in most cases.

Through regular repairs on various Apple devices, we can offer many of our repairs, as an express service. We perform the commissioning work within an hour. In the meantime, you can go for a walk and pick up your tablet or iPhone after a short time. If you use your Apple device at work as well, you don't even have to look for a replacement thanks to the short time.

Apple repair of various Apple products by Apple specialists

Our specialists will repair your MacBook Pro Retina, iMac or Mac Pro, as well as your iPhone or iPad. Accidents happen quickly, and are painful. With our years of experience, ComputerButler is your Apple product specialist, providing comprehensive support and repair services for your Apple devices. Whatever it is, ComputerButler's Apple repair services will get your everyday companion back in shape!

With our many years of experience supporting Apple users, we can provide you with comprehensive knowledge and know-how about Apple devices. The entire spectrum can be covered, from software support to complex upgrades and hardware repairs. Use our Apple know-how and save long waiting times and terrible costs with other providers or with Apple.

You can also buy Apple spare parts from the Apple specialist ComputerButler. A variety of Apple experts can find the right Apple parts for your Apple product at ComputerButler. We have the right Apple parts for all Apple products in stock. Whether you just need your case replaced because of an old scratch or you need your motherboard replaced, you will definitely find it at ComputerButler. If you are not sure which Apple parts are suitable for your device, send us an email with the most important information.

Rescue important data from your Mac

There are many reasons why a hard drive, USB drive or memory card can become damaged. Whether it is a power failure, a faulty computer power supply, hard drive read/write errors, physical causes or simple wear and tear. The usual effect is that the hard drive is no longer recognized, important data has disappeared or is no longer displayed and you no longer have access to your pictures, documents, music or videos.

Even if you accidentally delete your data, it does not mean that it is truly untraceable. In many cases, your data can be recovered. We can also use special software and techniques to access faulty hard drives and attempt to protect and recover your valuable and unique data. It can then be copied to a new device or hard drive. We would also be happy to suggest a data backup plan to ensure you don't get into these situations again!

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Customer Opinion

Christiane Rudelsberger

When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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