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Apple Repair in Berlin

Have you had an unfortunate incident with your Mac that resulted in some nasty damage? Are you worried about how to fix it in the shortest time possible, but also want to save your wallet? Let's assume you are located in Berlin or nearby. In that case we have good news for you, because ComputerButler offers the fastest Apple repair Berlin with exceptionally satisfying results and our wallet-friendly prices are the famous cherry on top!

ComputerButler is the most suitable place to go for Apple repair Berlin with Apple specialists and Apple technicians, all professionals in what they do. Our hardworking technicians are eager to prove their Apple repair skills and provide you with the best experience possible. In addition, you can contact us and we can provide on-site and home service. If you live far away, you can also send your Mac to us and we will repair it and send it back to you shortly. We can offer Apple repair services in a short span of just one day, which means you can now have a same day repair and save a lot of time. So, let us take care of your damaged Mac devices and provide you with the best Apple repair Berlin experience ever.

Our ComputerButler technicians can handle various Mac devices including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini. We are experts in handling data recovery, hard drive repair, and hardware repair for all devices, and we are also proficient in MacBook liquid damage repair.

Repair of liquid damage:

Did you spill water on your Mac or did it break due to an unpleasant encounter with moisture? No need to worry! We offer the best Apple repair Berlin and are professionals in dealing with Macs damaged by water or other liquids.

Speed up your slow Mac:

If your Mac is bugging you with its slowness, you can count on us to diagnose the problem and quickly get your machine back up and running optimally.

Data Recovery:

If your Mac is broken or you are struggling with a faulty hard drive and are worried about your data, we can help. We provide satisfactory data recovery services in an incredibly fast time frame.

Remove virus and unlock password:

If you have a malware problem or your Mac is infected by a virus that is now messing up your system, we can help you remove it as we offer the best Apple repair Berlin. In addition, we can also help you unlock Efi passwords.

Logic Board Repairs:

If your device has given up its functionality due to logic board damage, our Apple repair Berlin can fix that for you as well.

Device does not switch on:

If your Mac shut down unexpectedly and now won't turn back on, don't stress yourself out trying to find the cause. Just drop your device off with us and let us take care of the rest. We can diagnose the problem and fix it for you.

Device does not charge

If your MacBook or iMac won't charge and you don't know the cause, don't worry. We can fix that too.

Broken screen:

We deal with all types of hardware damage, including the broken screen. We can replace your screen with the original one as we work with original Apple parts for your devices. We can provide satisfactory results as we are known for the best Apple repair Berlin.

Non-functioning keyboard:

If your keyboard stops working for unknown reasons, you can rely on us to fix this problem.

MacBook Trackpad Problems:

If your MacBook's trackpad has stopped working, we can help you fix it.

Battery replacement:

If the condition of your battery has extremely deteriorated and you want to opt for a replacement, contact us because we offer a replacement service and give you a warranty.

Device overheating:

If your device overheats during use, don't worry and bring it to us. We can fix it!

ComputerButler offers you the best Apple repair in Berlin and services along with a lasting warranty, so contact us to get your devices repaired at a reasonable investment.

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Customer Opinion

Christiane Rudelsberger

When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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