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ComputerButler Berlin has proven its strategic experience in hundreds of projects for clients, in countless webinars, lectures at universities and online courses. People are interested in content, not advertising. For our clients, we occupy and leverage content-based brand spaces, going beyond mere communication. Because we believe in the effectiveness of backgrounds, stories and company information.

ComputerButler tries to reach people with the right and inspiring content. We use all technological means to better understand how people use media. However, one thing will never change: The quality of our content is based on journalistic standards and a deep understanding of our target audiences. We plan, design and produce for all possible media channels and types.

Content marketing strategy and marketing content

Do you want to get started with B2B or B2C content marketing? Then you need a content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy is an individual master plan for achieving your marketing and sales goals. With the right approach, we ensure optimal positioning in marketing channels. We increase brand awareness, drive traffic and engagement, increase and improve the potential customer base and ultimately stimulate sales and accelerate growth.

ComputerButler Berlin has developed its own methodology for its clients. We construct the right content ideas for your brand, product and service to help you achieve your communication, marketing and sales goals. We produce high-quality digital content in images, text and video in all conceivable formats and languages for every industry and target group.

ComputerButler creates brand-friendly content, optimized for search engines and conversions for your target audience in Berlin. Our marketing content is used on websites, social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or in the immediate environment, interactive marketing and to educate potential customers. With decades of experience and hundreds of projects for clients, we offer a proven, efficient and scalable production infrastructure that allows you to focus on your core business.

Marketing Content Services

Content for the website - Our search engine and conversion optimized website content positions your offer optimally in search engines and explains to your website visitors why they should use your proposition: understandable, pragmatic and active, taking into account your individual style guide, structural search requirements and current user expectations.

Blog content - Our conversion-optimized search engine and blog content provides search engine visibility, piques the individual user's interest in you, and helps them correlate the reach of your services with their problems. In this way, you are perceived as a qualified partner, directing the user to their conversion funnel and accompanying them throughout the customer journey.

Social content - Our visual effects, text messages, infographics and videos encourage individual users to communicate with you - in public and on social networks. In this way, the user transmits your massage to his peer group that has similar settings, thus distributing your message. Therefore, our social content is creative, authentic, accessible and provides understanding and maximum engagement.

Home - With our landing pages, we bring a new business for you in line with privacy. With this product, we combine arguments and benefits with an impressive but focused UX design for only one purpose: to transfer the user to your CRM. ComputerButler landing pages are therefore a key element to convert your marketing success into sales success.

Magnets - The first product you sell to the user is information. Your user pays with his data. Our checklists, white papers, online courses or webcasts provide the user with valuable information to solve current problems. With the right messages, you attract the user like a magnet and provide convincing arguments to entrust you with their data.

Email content - E-mail messages generated by ComputerButler activate and connect users, reactivate existing users and create lasting trust. Due to the personalization of topics, subject lines, texts and graphics, they are particularly convertible and are neither perceived by the spam filter nor by the user as spam. ComputerButler delivers email content for advertising campaigns and many other campaign types.

Orientation and briefing - Without a clear analysis of the situation, there is no strategy. Where is your company in both general marketing and content marketing? Who should be on board and what are the ideas, goals and requirements of the different departments?

Corporate and brand strategy, target groups and conversion goals

What does your business or marketing strategy have to do with content marketing? A lot! Content marketing is a holistic business strategy and much more than just filling your blog all the time. Your company's goals and vision are the foundation for the strategy - the starting point on which your content is based. Later, to figure out what content is right for your audience, we need to figure out the following first. What are the topics, problems, what motivates you and where do your employees get information from?

To measure the results later, we need goals. Are you interested in more attention? New leads or customer retention? And what exactly should conversions look like later? We'll be happy to help you set your goals. Then it's all about the content - we develop your personal story. On this basis, we work together to develop content formats for your target group, which ultimately leads to an editorial plan for the next few months.

Why ComputerButler offers the right service!

Why with ComputerButler? Because we think about everything for you: How do we best achieve your goals as part of your content marketing strategy? What attracts your target groups in Berlin? How can your topics be communicated in an entertaining and visible way? Because we understand you and your B2B business, choose ComputerButler for more traffic, visibility, leads and customers!

Our clients in Berlin come from B2B and B2C companies. Be it IT, industry, healthcare, banking or services. We take care of you holistically - from strategy, tools and processes, storytelling, campaigns to content distribution. As a start-up project or in the long run with the best pleasure.

We do not write texts for search engines, but for users and their wishes. However, creating a top-notch and accessible user interface is important for their visibility. We specialize in making content portals, websites and articles more convenient and efficient. We create unique value-added content tailored to the target audience and individual search intent or user requirements. ComputerButler develops holistic SEO concepts that are perfectly tailored to the user's intent. Based on best practices and years of experience, our web performance experts increase your brand awareness.

ComputerButler develops content for all channels

In most cases, no one in the company can deal intensively with a new topic. After all, there are daily activities. At ComputerButler Berlin we work in an integrated way, analogue, digital, national and international. Our trusted experts, editors, writers, copywriters, format developers, directors, presenters, designers, producers, strategists, programmers and consultants are committed to strong non-analog thinking, first-class technological know-how and digital consulting in the communications and content marketing industry. Transformation and excellent perception of relevant content are crucial.

We want to develop products that make a difference and create images that relate to people. Whether it's corporate communications or corporate publications, healthcare communications, branding, technology or politics, digital transformation or strategic consulting, crisis PR or online marketing - we don't want to grab attention, we want to earn it. Attention is in our DNA. And this DNA makes us the leading content marketing service group in Germany.

However, our experience as a content marketing service provider is also in demand internationally. For a number of our clients, we develop ideas specifically for other European markets, the USA or Asia.


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