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Do you work with iMacs and are you looking for a competent IT company that offers you targeted iMac services? Then ComputerButler is the right place for you. Our IT service in Berlin offers the right iMac service for industrial, commercial, office and private customers. We are your Apple specialists and your iMac repair service in Berlin.

iMac repair and more

Your iMac is defective? Then come to ComputerButler, we will repair your iMac professionally and promptly. Apple iMac devices are considered high quality and reliable. But also an iMac can have a defect. For example, there may be defects in graphics, display and other hardware parts. Apple iMac computers are compactly built and have powerful fans. If the fans get dusty, this can lead to poor heat dissipation and heat build-up in the iMac. The heat buildup can in turn contribute to defective graphics.

Our iMac repair service in Berlin is at your disposal. The technicians of ComputerButler are experienced in maintenance and repair of Apple products. Problems that arise with an iMac can be fixed in a short time. Our technicians perform a specific error analysis and give you a cost estimate for the repair of your defective Apple device. For industrial, commercial and other business structures, we are also here and can quickly repair your iMacs and get them back to you with full functionality.

ComputerButler - iMac Services

If the iMac has a defect, then come to ComputerButler. For example, we have the following services in the program:

  • iMac Power Supply Repair
  • Replacement of the defective graphics card
  • Repair of the display
  • Reactivate backlight
  • Install SSD hard disk (upgrade SSD card)
  • Repair of the charging cable
  • Replacing the iMac keyboard

Upgrade SSD Hard Drive

S-ATA ports on the motherboard are now standard on modern computers. However, certain iMacs have two S-ATA ports and can be upgraded with a second hard drive or SSD card. The second port can also be used for a DVD burner if the original storage space is sufficient. If you need more storage space in your iMac, then we can upgrade an SSD card or a second SSD hard drive on a compatible iMac.

Repair of the graphic

Does your Apple computer have graphics problems? Then you are right at ComputerButler in Berlin. We do not have to replace the entire iMac, depending on the type of defect. Our technicians can perform a professional and timely repair of the graphics. We can also change the graphics card and fix the defect.

Cleaning the fan

An iMac also has a CPU fan that can get dusty over time. Before a clogged fan leads to the heat death of your iMac, you better come to ComputerButler. We'll service your iMac, clean the fan, and remove dust from your iMac hardware. By servicing the device at ComputerButler in Berlin, you can prevent defects.

Upgrading the operating system

The iMac has an iOS operating system installed that requires updates and upgrades. If the operating system is outdated, then certain iOS features may not be available. If you do not want to upgrade your iMac operating system yourself, then ComputerButler is here for you. We will arrange for an upgrade to a new iOS version and, in addition to repairing an iMac, we can also provide maintenance for the Apple device. Upgrading to current iOS software makes sense so that you use an operating system that is still supported by the manufacturer and no compatibility problems occur.

Expand memory

You have the impression that your iMac is too slow? ComputerButler provides an expansion of the RAM and can thus accelerate the working performance of the PC. Video programs and other graphics applications require a lot of memory. To ensure that you can use graphics applications smoothly and without problems, we install compatible RAM. When you have more memory in your iMac, applications tend to run faster than before.

Repair of the display

The repair of the display can also be necessary for an iMac. The display can be damaged by scratches, falls or other mechanical impacts. Damage to the iMac display can be expensive and needs to be professionally repaired. No matter what type of display defect it is, the technicians at ComputerButler will repair the display or replace it professionally. The repair is less expensive than buying a new iMac. On the occasion, we can, if desired, perform a maintenance of the device.

Repair more economical than new purchase

A new iMac costs money, and the cost can be enormous. Repairing a defective iMac can be less expensive and more economical than buying a new iMac. How much it costs to repair an iMac depends, for example, on the type of defect and the amount of work required to repair it. Apple products are durable and individual modules can often be replaced and repaired inexpensively. No matter what caused the error or the defect, ComputerButler in Berlin will repair your Apple device. We can also repair water damage and fall damage at a reasonable price. It is possible to restore many iMacs to full functionality. If a repair is uneconomical, then we will let you know and can offer you a used alternative.

If you are looking for a professional iMac repair service, then ComputerButler in Berlin is the right place for you. Whether commercial, industrial or private customer, we are always available for you.

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When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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