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Do you want to upgrade your Mac? ComputerButler Berlin is your competent partner for hardware upgrades and professional Mac service. Whether it's an iMac, a MacBook Pro, a Mac mini or a Mac Pro, we speed up, expand or upgrade your favorite Mac.

Large Mac networks with Windows installations in offices and law firms are also welcome. ComputerButler is a regular partner of lawyers, doctors and tax consultants. ComputerButler has the necessary experience and capability to meet the professional needs of its clients.

By upgrading your Mac, you can adapt it to your usage habits without having to buy a new computer. With the help of ComputerButler, upgrading becomes a breeze as we can easily make your wishes come true thanks to our special knowledge.

Many Mac owners are very surprised by the message that the entire disk space is occupied. On the other hand, for professional use, simply deleting the data is out of the question, as this file information may be needed again soon. Working with external media will be very tiring in the long run as it is difficult to keep track of relevant data. By upgrading the storage, all data will be transferred directly to the Mac again - making your workflows much more efficient.

When is it worth upgrading my computer?

SSD Hard Drives and Macs

Technological trends have also emerged in recent years. One of the current development trends is the transition from classic magnetic hard drives to modern SSD hard drives. Not only are they more reliable and better able to withstand damage, but they also consume significantly less energy in a direct comparison. If you've heard about SSD technology but need more information, we'd be happy to advise you. You can always contact us by email or phone.

SSD update for your Mac

Take advantage of the huge speed increase that an SSD offers over traditional hard disks. While mechanical hard disks are a bottleneck when exchanging data on your computer, SSDs have up to ten times the data transfer bandwidth when reading and writing.

For the SSD upgrade, ComputerButler Berlin uses only high-quality brand SSDs that have established themselves due to their compatibility and reliability. As part of the SSD upgrade, ComputerButler transfers your data from the previous internal hard drive to the SSD so that you can continue to work with the Mac you are used to. Upon request, we can install an existing hard drive into an external USB 3 enclosure.

Updating your Mac is entrusted only to experienced specialists

Upgrading Macs has become a hobby for some people. However, this is not a qualification to repair or upgrade an Apple Mac. Therefore, at ComputerButler, professional training and experience with computers is the main requirement for employment. Our customers benefit from this careful selection of employees, who offer high quality custom work and competent advice. Great experience is also reflected in short repair times.

Upgrade Mac - Upgrade iMac

When a Mac is simply irreplaceable in the office or home office, the time frames for individual upgrades should not be too long. Since ComputerButler specializes in upgrading Apple products, we can easily meet our customers' needs. Usually, it takes only a few days from the decision to the completion of the upgrade. This does not test the patience of our customers in Berlin and eliminates the need to search for a replacement.

Upgrading your Mac comes with performance enhancements

Is your device too slow or do you have requirements that your hardware or software can't meet? ComputerButler can help you optimize and upgrade your devices, whether it's a Mac Pro, a Mac mini or an Apple Mac Book. Thanks to our experience and technical skills, we can offer you solutions that most manufacturers or resellers cannot provide. Through standard software-level optimization techniques or by setting up new high-performance hardware (such as an SSD), you can achieve the level of performance you want without the high cost of buying new. With smart solutions like installing a second hard drive in your drive's slot, ComputerButler gives you the ability to create custom and unique options.

Service and optimization for the Mac

Most consumer electronics products are often not able to achieve the performance they need over time. It is also possible that your device does not meet the requirements for the desired job. However, it is not necessary to replace it immediately, but to upgrade or optimize it. For devices like MacBook Pro and iMac, this is not a problem for professional technicians at ComputerButler. ComputerButler Berlin offers smart solutions to improve your device so you can use it as you wish. This includes, for example, the installation of a second hard drive or SSD.

Macbook Update and Optimization

Your MacBook can do more than you think. Many MacBook users know the problem that Apple MacBooks generally have less storage space and the media quickly reaches its maximum. To avoid this and work more freely with your MacBook, we recommend installing a hard drive or SSD. We can accomplish this with many Macbook Pro, Macbook Unibody, and Macbook Air models. ComputerButler has always managed to install more memory on all Macbook models.

Mac update and optimization

Of course ComputerButler also offers updates or optimizations for your Mac. The performance of your Mac can be greatly increased by installing a hard drive / SSD and more RAM. ComputerButler can upgrade your hard drive to 1TB, SSD to 1TB and your RAM to 16GB. Learn more or visit one of our stores. We will optimize or upgrade your Mac quickly and safely.

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When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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