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To extend both the useful life and the lifetime of an iMac, upgrading is considered the best method. Thus, it enables you to get even more out of your computers. It also saves you from having to buy a new one. Whether it's a faster or larger SSD or hard drive, more RAM or replacing core components such as a graphics processor doesn't matter. However, Apple's computers have had a reputation for being completely unsuitable for upgrading for years. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to upgrade one's working memory even on an Apple computer.

Is it possible to upgrade the iMac?

If a browser takes longer than 20 seconds before an address can even be entered, or if it takes quite a while for a program to start, it's probably time to upgrade your iMac and call ComputerButler in Berlin.

To upgrade an iMac, it can be helpful to think of details such as a faster processor (CPU), a new hard drive or an upgraded, larger RAM. Basically, it's not a problem to upgrade your iMac on your own, the only requirement just includes continued functionality. In recent years, the do-it-yourself upgrade has become much more complicated.

From the outset, you should therefore first check whether the iMac is capable of being upgraded by your own hand. If this is not the case, you will unfortunately have to go to the experts at ComputerButler in Berlin. The most important components are permanently installed and a possible surcharge for upgrading the iMac cannot be ruled out.

Which Macbooks can be upgraded?

Old Macs are the easiest to upgrade because they were built in a time when Apple didn't seal the cases and solder the components onto something called a logic board. However, there is some bad news here. The older the device, the more complicated it is most likely to find a suitable RAM for the device. Probably used RAM can still be found, but their history remains mostly unknown. To find a suitable RAM for older devices, it is recommended to use a RAM finder tool before actually buying the RAM. The results will tell you what you need and how to get the right RAM for your Mac. Here, it may even be worthwhile to buy the old Mac again to get possible spare parts for your own Mac in the future.

The memory of newer Mac devices cannot be upgraded after a purchase. Often, however, the memory of older models can be found under the keyboard, in the case of a MacBook.

With modern devices, on the other hand, there are various limitations. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should spend enough time thinking about how long you want to use a Mac computer. If upgrading is desired within a few years, it is more advisable to purchase a Mac device in the mid-price range, as they are worthwhile for a large number of customers. On the other hand, if you own an iMac, don't miss out on the instructions for a switch to be able to upgrade the memory on such devices.

Which memory for iMac 2019?

The iMac 2019 has a modest amount of RAM. To upgrade this now with a 16- or 32- GB RAM, Apple's price shoots up relatively far. The models with a 27" screen are also available in the 64 GB RAM version. On a device with a 21.5" screen, upgrading can only be done by professionals, while on the 27" screen, upgrading can be done independently without any problems.

ComputerButler Berlin has RAM kits in its offers that include 16 GB and 32 GB as well as 64 GB (4 x 16 GB). Officially, the US retailer OWC now also offers a 128 GB RAM in the upgrade package. According to the retailer, the 5K option on the iMac 2019 is fully supported and recognized here. This model includes four 32GB memory chips and can be purchased for a price of just under 1100 $. Furthermore, there is a complete novelty on the market: a kit with 96 GB RAM. This consists of two 32 GB and two 16 GB devices, for a hefty price of 795 $.

How much RAM do I need on a Mac?

In most cases, RAM performs its work tonelessly and completely unobtrusively. Although it can tend to overflow, the system does not go on strike. It only happens that the computer starts to work in the limit range. This means that data from a previously very fast working memory now has to fall back on a throttled SSD. If one of the programs or even the user wants to help themselves to one of these swapped files, the system slows down and becomes slow. The waiting and response time of a single application becomes immeasurable.

But for the Mac user, the maximum speed always applies. Too much memory does not exist. Mac devices have always been able to manage quite a lot of memory flawlessly. The Mac doesn't waste unnecessary kilobytes of free memory. To ensure a quick restart, closed applications remain partially in memory. Data is already preloaded by the system, which is often used by the user. This ensures an accelerated workday and that installed memories are used ideally.

With more memory, it's possible for the Mac to respond faster. It is, in this way, the short-term memory in which any programs that run at the same time must find their place. Comparable to humans, who are also able to react faster, more relaxed and better with their own short-term memory. If you have less than 8GB of memory on your Mac computer, but you work extensively with graphics applications or switch between applications frequently, you should upgrade your RAM. Compared to hard drive space, RAM is easy and quick to replace, and quite inexpensive. A suitable RAM is available for as little as 40 Euros, such as a 4GB kit of DDR3 RAM. The installation takes hardly more than ten minutes.

It is important to remember that each Mac model requires different RAM devices. In order to make an upgrade, some relevant information should be obtained beforehand. This includes, among other things, how much RAM is already included and how much still fits in there. What type of RAM is needed and how should the RAM components be installed? In addition, it should not be forgotten that information on how to avoid damage due to electrostatic charging should also be obtained. In any case, the new RAM must first be tested after installation.

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