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MacBook Repair Berlin

You have found a defect in your MacBook and the warranty has already expired? Then do not hesitate and come to Computerbutler. We offer you a quality MacBook repair at a good price-performance ratio. Our staff is specialized in repairing Apple devices and knows what defects are common in a MacBook. We at Computerbutler are based in Berlin and accept MacBooks for repair from all over Germany.

MacBook repair ? when the Apple device does not work

Our repair service is there for you when your MacBook stops working. With us you avoid high and unnecessary repair costs. The error diagnosis is free of charge at Computerbutler. Our technicians will be happy to explain to you what is wrong with your MacBook and how the MacBook repair will be carried out. Afterwards we submit you a MacBook repair offer. Our repairs include charging port replacement, display replacement, keyboard replacement, motherboard repair and many more MacBook repairs. We can also repair water damage to your MacBook. The aforementioned damages are some of the most common problems that can occur with a MacBook.

The repair of the mainboard becomes necessary, for example, with a graphics card defect. We repair the defect professionally and ensure that you do not have to buy a new MacBook. Water damage also occurs frequently with MacBooks. Coffee is quickly spilled on the MacBook or another drink has accidentally dripped on the keyboard. The damage liquid damage leaves on a MacBook depends on the type of liquid and the amount of liquid that got on the MacBook. We can repair liquid damage and replace or repair defective parts.

MacBook Repair ? Display replacement

You want to boot the MacBook, but the screen remains dark? The laptop fell down and now the display is broken? The MacBook still works, but the picture is suddenly so dark and can not be satisfactorily brightened? These can all be reasons for a display replacement. A flickering picture or pixel errors can also occur on a MacBook. The display can also show white spots, which also makes it necessary to replace the MacBook display.

Some of the most common display problems include scratches in the screen and broken glass. But a defective MacBook display does not mean that the MacBook has to be disposed of. Computerbutler in Berlin helps you and replaces the MacBook display professionally and at a good price-performance ratio. Don't worry about data loss, we can back up your data even with a defective display and make sure that you don't suffer any data loss during the display replacement.

MacBook Graphics Repair

If the screen not only displays pixel errors, but image stripes can be seen, then it does not have to be a display problem. When displaying confused characters, checks or colored lines (red-green lines), the graphics of the MacBook may be defective. If the graphics are defective, the image on the display may also be divided into multiple windows or color errors may be seen. MacBooks may also fail to boot up if the graphics are defective, or crash when running graphics-intensive programs. There are many tips on the internet regarding MacBook graphics on how to fix the defect for a short time. Before you perform a short-term measure, you better come to Computerbutler. We can repair the defective graphics unit of your MacBook.

One of the most common defects in a laptop is a failure in the graphics. This does not only affect MacBooks, but also occurs in other laptop brands. If the graphics is defective, then many laptop owners buy a new, expensive laptop. We perform a free diagnosis of your MacBook graphics and can repair the graphics chip, in the event of a defect, quickly and easily. In addition, we can take preventive action with your MacBook, so that as far as possible no defect. One of the preventive measures is the intensive cleaning of your MacBook. This should be done at least once a year, before the summer. Computerbutler cleans your MacBook intensively and also renews the thermal paste, so that the device survives the hot summer well.

Repair of the power socket

Are you having trouble charging your MacBook? Then there may be a defect in the power supply, the charging socket or the battery. If the charging port has a loose contact, then it is usually noticeable by irregular power. If the charger is damaged, then there may also be an irregularity in the power supply or the battery may not charge at all. If the DC jack on the MacBook is defective, then usually no battery charging takes place and the laptop eventually just goes off and cannot be turned on again. A defective DC jack can also lead to battery damage. Even the entire laptop can suffer consequential damage due to a charging socket defect.

Computerbutler replaces the DC jack for you without any problems and prevents possible consequential damage to your MacBook. If the power supply is defective, then do not dispose of it, but send it to us in Berlin. We will repair the power supply for you. However, the repair of chargers can only be offered and carried out for original power supplies. An original Apple power supply can be repaired in a short time by our experienced staff. Computerbutler also repairs MagSafe power adapters at reasonable prices. If your original Apple power adapter cannot be repaired, then you can get cheap replacement power adapters from us.

Cleaning the fan

Notebook fans are particularly busy in the summer and can quickly get dusty. The fans are necessary in a notebook to be able to efficiently dissipate the heat that is generated. Over time, the fans get dusty and this can lead to heat buildup in the notebook and notebook failure. The fact that the fans of the notebook are clogged can be noticed, for example, by loud fan noises. If you can no longer work properly with the notebook because it gets too hot, the fans are too loud or the device simply shuts down, then cleaning the notebook fan may be necessary. Fan cleaning is also useful for MacBooks and should be done at least once a year and preferably before summer.

Send your MacBook to Computerbutler in Berlin for fan cleaning. We clean the device and also apply new thermal paste so that the heat generated during operation is optimally dissipated.

Backup and data recovery

Your MacBook has a defect and now your data needs to be backed up? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We repair your device and recover your data. We will also take action if you have lost or accidentally deleted data. Computerbutler in Berlin is your address for data backup, data recovery and data restoration. After a successful data recovery, your data will be saved on an external data carrier. Furthermore, we can also reinstall or upgrade the operating system after a MacBook repair. We also take over the migration of your data and install the desired software on your MacBook. Simply send the defective MacBook to Computerbutler in Berlin, we take care of repair, restoration, data recovery, operating system installation, upgrade, data migration and software installation.

Computerbutler in Berlin - always there for you

Computerbutler in Berlin is your fast and professional MacBook repair service. We offer our services to both private customers and business customers. Our employees are experienced in the repair of Apple devices and take care of your MacBook professionally. For further questions, around the topic of MacBook repair, we are happy to help you.

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Christiane Rudelsberger

When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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