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Welcome to ComputerButler Berlin! We are an Apple service specialist. On this page you can find out how to upgrade your MacBook. Here you can learn how to make your Mac even faster than it was out of the box. Get the most out of your MacBook by installing an SSD and adding new RAM, for example.

Upgrading has always been the best way to breathe more life into your MacBook. Upgrade instead of buying new is the name of the game. More RAM, a bigger or faster solid-state drive, or even replacing core components like the GPU and CPU make older MacBooks better suited for new tasks. The capabilities of MacBooks are 'design' related and much more limited than larger devices. ComputerButler helps you achieve greater productivity with your MacBook.

Upgrade MacBook with ComputerButler Berlin - faster processor, RAM or SSD

The central processor is the central processing unit of any computer and determines the overall speed of most tasks, determines support for external peripherals (such as Thunderbolt or USB generation), or the limitations of other factors, such as maximum memory. If you do a lot of complex calculations, a faster processor will save you time and possibly even money. However, on devices like the MacBook Pro, replacing the GPU is nearly impossible. That's because almost all MacBooks have had their processors soldered to the motherboard for many years. This saves space by making the CPU socket narrower, and the mechanical connector may be too vulnerable for mobile work. There is no way to upgrade the processor on a MacBook. The only way: replace the motherboard.

The only option is to find a working donor motherboard of the same MacBook model with a faster processor and then complete a transplant. Due to the small performance differences between the models of the same processor and the MacBook generation, this effort is not worth it. You can't get more than 20 percent of the processing power here. And 20 percent more performance than the obsolete processor - is not much.

Is your MacBook's memory always full? Is the performance not what it used to be? Then the update will help you. ComputerButler Berlin will increase your memory space and make sure everything works properly again. With most devices we can easily install an SSD, double the RAM or simply update your system. And if your MacBook gets too hot, we clean the device and replace the thermal paste - this makes temperature noticeably lower.

Is your Apple MacBook too slow?

Upgrading an old MacBook with an SSD hard drive is very important, because even older Mac models (from 2006) can regain impressive speed when shutting down and launching applications by updating the SSD hard drive. Unlike a regular hard drive, a solid-state hard drive no longer has any mechanical components. Technically, it is best compared to a USB drive, so a solid-state drive is not susceptible to shock. This is a great advantage especially for portable devices.

Your Apple computer may need to have a new hard disk a installed under certain circumstances. Regardless of whether you choose the normal hard disk or decide on an ultra-fast solid state drive: As part of the MacBook upgrade ComputerButler Berlin quickly and reliably installs the right drives. SSDs in particular can significantly increase the working speed. Therefore, many users now run their operating system via SSD.

Tip: If you no longer need a CD drive, you can install an optional internal hard drive using this connection. So you don't have to choose between fast access time and high storage capacity, as you can easily use both hard drive types in your Apple device. We would be happy to advise you personally on the MacBook upgrade options.

For a computer, the main memory (also called RAM) is, next to the performance of the processor, the most important component for a fast and trouble-free operation. Graphics and video applications in particular consume a lot of RAM, and some programs require more RAM than is available. In addition, increasing the RAM in many cases speeds up the work considerably. We are happy to advise you on an appropriate and cost-effective expansion of RAM for your device in Berlin. If you want to upgrade the MacBook, you can definitely order a RAM expansion and kill two birds with one stone. In many cases, more RAM acts like installing a turbocharger in a car.

Graphics upgrade and fan cleaning

If your Apple computer graphics card is giving you problems, you don't have to replace the entire unit. In particular, the purchase of new Apple MacBooks is often disproportionately expensive. In practice, many problems can be solved by professionally repairing graphics chips or replacing or replacing a graphics card. ComputerButler Berlin is one of the most famous MacBook upgrade centers and offers all services to solve your graphics problem.

One of the least visible parts of computers is the fan, which is also true for Apple models. These little motors do a lot during the life of a computer. They make sure that the temperature of the machine doesn't get too high, as thermal death of components can ruin the entire MacBook. When the fan stops working properly or makes strange noises, it's time to clean it. Most MacBook repairs involve cleaning the fan and its components. Cleaning can often greatly extend the life of the fan and the components it cools.

For some MacBook and MacBook Pros, upgrading by installing an SSD and expanding a RAM can be very useful. Perhaps 3 TB of internal hard drive space is feasible, but this should not be the maximum possible increase. The upgrade will make the new MacBook much faster than before, provide snappy access to it and restore the joy of working with it. An upgrade works wonders here.

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