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Computer expert Berlin

Is your favorite device defective? Does your laptop no longer turn on? Don't worry, ComputerButler is happy to help! Our trained specialists will take care of your devices and perform professional troubleshooting. You will receive a fixed estimate for the upcoming work.

Our range of services includes the following areas:

Laptop repair - Regardless of whether the display is faulty, a hinge is defective or the hardware is damaged, such as a defective graphics card. ComputerButler makes sure that your laptop works again.

Software - Do you have a virus? Are ads being displayed while surfing or does your operating system just not start anymore? For the computer expert this is no problem!

Hardware / Computer Upgrade - From replacing faulty components to moving to a separate PC. We help!

Interior cleaning - Not only is it hot in the summer months, but also in the laptop or computer - this can cause a problem.

Data backup and recovery - Accidentally deleted data or the hard disk is no longer recognized? Stay calm, nothing is lost yet!

On-site service / pick-up and delivery service - You need help at home. The router or printer needs to be configured. We come to you.

Do you only need quick help or the full support? Contact us, we will find a suitable solution.

Computer repair from a professional

The computer has become an irreplaceable part of human life. At the same time with the constant modernization of computers, an increase in performance and the expansion of the scope of application, there was a need for specialists who provide maintenance and repair of the developed computers.

Regardless of the complexity, computer repair requires a specialized approach to all problems, as qualified computer support is not possible without special skills and knowledge. ComputerButler provides quality computer services quickly and at affordable prices.

Specialist repairs your PC - quickly, professionally and inexpensively

We are specialized in the repair of PCs of all manufacturers. It does not matter which device you have at home: Laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. We send a specialist directly to you in Berlin and the surrounding area and prepare a quote. Then you decide whether you want to have your device repaired. Therefore, when you call our repair service, prepare the most important information.
Do you want your laptop to work again? Then you are in the right place at ComputerButler. We are specialized in repairing laptops and computers and offer you good service.

Do you need urgent quick help as your Apple computer is not working? Our computer specialist offers solutions for your IT problems. Whether iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad or Mac Pro - our competent expert offers solutions for all your IT problems. Updating devices and fighting viruses is no problem for our trained technicians. We offer fast and competent support for all problems with your Apple desktop computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

ComputerButler is your computer expert when it comes to PC maintenance

Wenn Sie Fragen zu Ihrer IT haben, ist ComputerButler Ihr vertrauenswürdiger Dienstleister. Ob Handwerker, Freiberufler, Anwaltskanzlei oder Einzelperson: Unsere PC-Services umfassen ein ausladendes Serviceangebot für Privat- und Unternehmenskunden mit bis zu 500 Arbeitsplätzen. Wir treffen Sie auf Augenhöhe und fallen nicht in eine unverständliche Fachsprache. Mit einem Computer Fachmann ist ComputerButler viel mehr als nur ein Reparaturservice. Wir sind Ihr kompetenter Computerexperte und Ihr engster IT-Supervisor.

You get our comprehensive PC service from our computer expert at eye level. That means: We don't use incomprehensible technical language that raises more questions than it explains. Take advantage of our technical expertise and contact us if you have questions about IT equipment, maintenance services or PC upgrade kits.

ComputerButler offers detailed services for small businesses, freelancers and sole traders. Whether consulting in a home office or monitoring servers, installing a printer or renting a PC and laptop - at ComputerButler, sole proprietors, freelancers and small business customers with up to ten workstations will find comprehensive IT support.

Server maintenance, server consulting and server monitoring

The server is the heart of your company's IT. At ComputerButler you get detailed information about server maintenance and monitoring. We also make sure that your servers are equipped with the latest technology. For this, server maintenance and monitoring is important.

ComputerButler not only takes care of server monitoring for its corporate clients, but also provides significant privacy help and advice. Of course, our computer expert is always by your side when it comes to setting up a PC/laptop, designing an office or providing general PC support for businesses.

Laptop does not work

CopmputerButler offers professional support for mobile devices, laptop repairs are possible within 24 hours! Graphics card, motherboard, damaged display, hard drive or battery replacement - everything is feasible. Our computer expert repairs all brands of all manufacturers and absolutely all computer models. Before starting work, we discuss in detail all repair costs. Our technician will repair your laptop motherboard at the chip component level.

While you spend hours racking your brains, we always know the right solution right away. Operating system problems or system changes are almost always a symptom of malware or a physical hard drive defect. We check the system in minutes and provide a solution. We will replace your hard drive with a much faster SSD, install the latest operating system, and completely transfer your data to a new device. If the hard drive is no longer readable, we also offer data recovery.

Computer service is provided both on a one-time basis and as part of a subscription program. We emphasize that the computer services offered by ComputerButler are primarily focused on the quality of the services provided and the result achieved. When it comes to computer repairs, quality and fast order processing are guaranteed at ComputerButler.

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Customer Opinion

Christiane Rudelsberger

When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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