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Addendum Part 1. to the Digital Premium Berlin - Step by Step Guide from ComputerButler

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You asked us for practical examples of digital projects that are being funded. We have summarised your questions and grouped them according to the areas of services, software applications, industries and hardware.

In part 1. we gave you all Services listed that are currently being promoted. More articles will follow in the next 24 hours and will be completed with further areas such as software applications, industries & hardware.

Software development

Almost any application for Windows, Mac, or for the web that you want developed will be funded if it helps you streamline your operations processes. So is the implementation and training.


Web Development: Software development from Web applications
Online shops: Individual programming of Shops
Database development: Development and maintenance of Databases
app development: Mobile Apps & Software Programming
Interface development: API-Interfaces connect the digital infrastructure with e.g. enterprise resource planning systems, ERP systems, document management systems etc.
VBA programmingExcel and Microsoft Office programming (Macros)
CMS Systems: Manage content and media easily (see further information below)

Data backup

Any hardware & software as well as consulting, installation, configuration and training that serves to improve data security.

Examples: NAS servers, document management systems, backup software solutions, backup solutions for the cloud, video surveillance of your premises.

Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization as well as consulting, installation, configuration and training to improve findability on the Internet.


  • Website research/analysis & report
  • Document research/analysis & report
  • Competitor research/analysis & report
  • Keyword research/analysis & report
  • Backlinks research/analysis & report
  • SEO ON-PAGE optimization
  • SEO OFF-PAGE optimization
  • Local search for Google (Local SEO)
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • content marketing
  • influencer marketing
  • conversion optimization
  • etc.

Online shops

All types of shops such as Shopware, Woocommerce, Opencart, Prestashop or Gambio are supported.

Content Management Systems

Depending on the function. Often the CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla, TYPO3, Contao, Grav, Statemic, Drupal, Redaxo are used or in use as pure website management systems. However, these systems can do much more. WordPress alone has over 55,000 extensions (plugins) such as WooCommerce an online store system, LMS ? Learning Management Systems, Event Management, Membership Management, CRM & ERP Systems etc.

3D & Animations

Software purchases as well as consulting, installation, configuration and training if they serve digital business development such as for Blender (free of charge), which you can use for architecture as well as game development or digital art.

In addition, all CAD systems and software products such as 3ds Max, Motion-builder, Cinema 4D,, Daz3D, Houdini Apprentice, iClone, iPi Soft, MakeHuman, Maya, Mixamo, modo, Poser Pro, Terragen, SmartBody, 
Boats Animator, Dragonframe, Animate CC, Animation Paper, Moho, Pencil2D and Synfig Studio - just to name a few, which are popular in cinema, film, series & television.

IT ? Security

  • Analyze the IT structure in the company
  • Identify vulnerabilities and critical systems
  • Comparison of the actual state and the state to be achieved
  • Develop measures
  • Planning for the implementation of the measures
  • create a team or person responsible for IT security
  • Employees for the topic IT Security sensitize
  • Develop guidelines
  • Create and structure a documentation concept
  • Progress analysis or review

How can ComputerButler support you?

  • Installation of firewalls, virus protection, spam protection
  • Securing servers and end devices
  • Data backup / Backups
  • Virtualization
  • disaster recovery
  • regular updates
  • Monitoring
  • Hotline, remote maintenance
  • WLAN, email and web security
  • IT security for mobile devices, network, workstations
  • VPN, security for offsite work
  • Data center relocation: IT infrastructure, disassembly, assembly, transport
  • Reliability

Why IT security from ComputerButler?

  • Protects against server failures
  • Data protection and data security
  • Server Security
  • Network Security
  • Physical security in the data center
  • Information Security
  • Computer Security

What does IT security mean?

  • Protection of information and IT systems
  • Protection of the network up to the Internet
  • Protection against unauthorized use
  • Preventing security breaches

A functioning IT security includes the following components:

Server room: Protection against burglary, heat, dust
Sensitization of employees for IT security
Rights management: Control access to data and applications
Update Management: Regular updates and closing of security gaps
Data protectionAccording to the Federal Data Protection Act

Endpoint Security

Centrally managed security tools & software protect your endpoints from
Cyber threats such as spyware, malware, viruses, Trojans and phishing attacks.

Endpoint security solutions are used to secure servers, workstations,
Notebooks and their interfaces such as routers, printers or switches in the network.

Mobile security

Mobile Security is another part of Endpoint Security and protects mobile applications and devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks inside and outside the internal networks against threats and vulnerabilities.

We also show you how to protect your mobile devices effectively and in accordance with
efficiently manage the requirements of the GDPR-DSGVO.

Mail security

AntiSPAM and virus scanning at the gateway with own hardware or as managed services from the cloud.

Email encryption

Protect your communications with encryption. Sending and receiving encrypted emails.

Security in the Cloud

Protect your data in the cloud with secure data transfer and data encryption.

Data Center & Cloud Security protects you against attacks or threats to the IT infrastructure in the cloud (private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud) or on premise. This category also includes services (Software as a Service) from manufacturers and providers of their own software.

Network & Gateway Security

We secure your networks (LAN/WLAN/IoT/Web server) directly at the gateways with firewall technology. In addition to unauthorized access to internal IT systems by outsiders, this also includes attacks aimed at bringing external web services of the target company such as websites, portals or shops to their knees (DoS/DdoS attacks). The goal of cyber attacks by hackers is always to penetrate deep into the network infrastructure and steal sensitive data unnoticed over a longer period of time (Advanced Persistent Threats).

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

GDPR-compliant Identity & Access Management solutions capture, record, and manage user identities, passwords, documents, and access permissions typically through predefined roles. They assess risks and can create attack profiles in real time.

Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security

Data Leakage Prevention or Data Loss Prevention solutions identify and monitor sensitive data through centralized Internet gateways that are only accessible to authorized users to prevent data leakage.

DLP solutions control data movements and data transfers, especially to mobile devices, which can easily retrieve data from servers at any time and easily send and store it via USB, Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC or directly via the Internet.

Pervasive & predictive security

Pervasive & Predictive Security looks at the current and historical situation in the enterprise and analyzes data using statistical models, data mining, machine learning to make predictions for the future. This allows the risks of new technologies to be better assessed in order to provide appropriate services.

Security Services

Security Services are solutions for security services. They include consulting, integration, training, maintenance, support or managed security services for the management of IT security infrastructures in a Security Operations Center (SOC).



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