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iMac repair Berlin

Get your own iMac repaired at any time

If your own iMac no longer works properly, good advice is expensive. It is usually not possible to tell at first glance what exactly is wrong. However, an iMac repair does not have to be complex or expensive. We at analyze your iMac and repair it so that you can work on it again as soon as possible.

Fix all errors quickly

Errors with your own iMac can occur from yesterday to today. It is often difficult to say exactly which errors are present, especially for laymen. Although Apple devices are not necessarily prone to errors, age weaknesses, update and software errors or full memory can still occur. We at analyze the device in detail before repairing your Mac, in order to be able to take appropriate measures. Our staff is well trained to be able to fix various errors efficiently. At the same time, we offer you a detailed consultation before the repair to show you errors that you can avoid in the future.

Some of the possible faults of Macs include the following

  • a broken screen
  • the screen remains black or grey
  • the entire device is slow or even hangs
  • Data was accidentally deleted
  • the device overheats
  • Fluid has entered the Mac
  • Updates or a new version of Mac OS must be installed
  • the Mac needs to be cleaned

Numerous devices, one service

We do not only repair the current iMac. Rather, we have specialized in the repair of various devices from Apple. Thus, you can come with any Mac to us in Berlin. Among other things, we repair iMac, Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. Thus, we are in a position to bring even older devices back to work optimally. Depending on the device and error, we can even offer you an immediate repair. How long the repair of your Macbook basically takes depends on the cause of the error and the model. Nevertheless, you can expect the fastest possible turnaround time from us in Berlin, so that you can work on your iMac, Macbook and Macbook Pro again within the shortest possible time.

Best possible performance for an optimal result

Our service for iMac repair or Macbook repair is to first provide you with a failure analysis and cost estimate. While some errors can be quickly fixed with normal hardware and software settings, others require spare parts and more time. It is best to bring your Apple device to us in Berlin so that we can examine it in detail. With many devices there is only a small error, which can be eliminated inexpensively. Since with many errors the warranty does not apply or this is usually already expired, it is always worthwhile to bring your device first to us at Since the repair is in many cases much cheaper than buying a new iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, you can save a lot of money with our all-round service.

All-round service just for you

First aid is also often available over the phone. Simply call us when errors occur with your iMac, Macbook or other Apple devices. If our trained staff is not able to perform the error analysis over the phone, you can be with us in person in Berlin while we look at your device. If spare parts are needed, our qualified personnel will first discuss this with you and tell you how much they cost and how long the repair will take. We purchase our spare parts directly from the manufacturer in order to avoid a repair service of inferior quality. Of course you can also bring suitable spare parts yourself, which we will install for you. Visit us at in Berlin today and start working with your iMac again tomorrow.

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Customer Opinion

Christiane Rudelsberger

When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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