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You need a new laptop every two to three years - that's what device manufacturers say. However, this is mainly true for professional gamers who are always looking for the fastest and best computer currently available for money. If you use a laptop for office tasks, surf the Internet and edit photos, you do not need Formula 1 components.

ComputerButler can restore almost any old laptop to great condition. ComputerButler installs faster components in your laptop, cleans and gets the most out of your laptop with its battery life in a few simple steps.


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Expand memory - RAM update

Unlike a processor or a graphics card, the RAM of the laptop is relatively easy to upgrade. Windows 10 in the modern 64-bit version needs at least 2 GB of RAM and the requirements of the current macOS are also in this range. The performance gets even better if you increase the RAM to 4 or 8 GB. Because the more programs you can store in the RAM of the laptop, the faster the working speed will work.

ComputerButler installs a larger hard drive or SSD

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to upgrade your laptop is to install a larger hard drive or replace it with a faster SSD (?Solid State Drive?). The latter feature significantly shorter boot times and faster access compared to conventional hard drives.

For ComputerButler, replacing a hard drive in Berlin is as easy as changing RAM. With older laptops, the cover or in some cases the entire lower part of the case has to be unscrewed. To benefit from SSD speed, the motherboard should have a SATA controller (at least SATA2, better SATA3). ComputerButler activate the AHCI mode in the BIOS before installing the SSD, otherwise it will not be recognized.

Replace laptop graphics card

Of course, not every device can be upgraded equally well, and in very rare exceptional cases it is not possible at all. In principle, you can have ComputerButler replace the most important components such as the hard drive, memory, processor and optical drive. However, many laptops require a closer look at the device and then at the user manual before you can seriously consider an upgrade.

If the chapter ?update? is completely missing in the user manual or a short sentence refers to the dealer, this is no reason to worry. After all, despite the solid block at first glance, any laptop can be upgraded. Depending on the device class, the parameters are usually different. Especially light and compact models make it difficult to access individual components due to the high density of integration. In most cases, however, the memory and hard drive are directly accessible from the outside.

This condition improves with the size of the devices. Removable laptops can usually be updated particularly well. Models with a 17-inch screen and larger are often equipped with numerous ports on the bottom of the device, which provide access to all major components after removal.

Special protection mechanisms protect the components in mobile use from excessive shocks and often make it difficult to access individual components. However, the increasing prevalence of mobile computers has prompted most manufacturers to make the most important components immediately available in order to be able to react faster and therefore cheaper when you contact support. ComputerButler can take advantage of this very fact and update your old laptop.

ComputerButler Berlin upgrade the laptop

A hard drive, memory, Wi-Fi or DVD drive, and battery are components that you can usually access directly. ComputerButler does this by first loosening the screws that secure the covers to the bottom of the laptop. Generally, the parts you are looking for can be removed.

Sometimes the latch does not open even though the screws are loosened. One possible reason is the additional mechanical fastening with the help of locking tabs. This makes opening a little more difficult, but can be overcome with a little skill. The tabs usually open with a slight jerk.

Upgrade your laptop with ComputerButler

If you want to upgrade your laptop, the best way is to update the RAM with CoputerButler. If you have graphics applications, video editing systems or complex games installed on your laptop, updating the RAM is a good idea if you find that your computer is not running so smoothly. If you work in the field of design and web development, you need to upgrade the RAM of your laptop using the memory upgrade service. By updating the memory, all the applications and programs will run much faster and most importantly smoothly. Updating your laptop is quick and easy with ComputerButler.

Have a new RAM installed by ComputerButler

We professionally upgrade the memory of your laptop. To do this, we first determine the memory requirements, then recommend a specific expansion with the appropriate memory modules and proceed with the installation of the new memory on your computer. Finally, we install the adequate drivers, perform the required updates and check the memory functionality of your new laptop. Thus, we generate significantly more power in your laptop. Updating laptop memory is the best way to go if you are using a laptop for demanding programs or playing computer games.

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