Notebook Service Services

Reliable notebook repair service at a low price

If your laptop or notebook is broken, the system beeps, your laptop won't boot up, the screen stays dark, or the Mac apps don't work as they should, contact our affordable notebook repair service. Our notebook doctor is also there for you in the evenings or on weekends. In urgent cases you will receive a Over-Night-Express Notebook Repair. Get in touch immediately with our friendly ComputerButler Service staff so that we can order all laptop spare parts for you and your notebook in time.


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Notebook repair

We at ComputerButler repair notebooks / laptops of all brands and manufacturers including a cost estimate.

Notebook Upgrade

We upgrade the RAM, graphics card or hard drive of your notebook and PC and then check everything for functionality.

PC emergency service

ComputerButler is there immediately when you need us, even if you just need to write quotes for your customers on the field.

Data Recovery & Backup

We rescue your data from hard disks, USB sticks and other media - for companies and user customers around the clock.

VoIP telephone systems

Installation and setup of Internet and telephone connections as well as VoIP telephone systems by ComputerButler technicians on site.

Network Service & WLAN

Our WLAN and network service installs your network, sets up your server and successfully secures it against intruders with a firewall.

Notebook repair, software problems solving: Everything from one source!

Does your notebook need repair

PC services

All PC services from one source

Fast PC help and repair for your computer or notebook directly at your location

PC on site service

plus 19? travel flat rate

Fast and professional on-site PC and notebook repair and maintenance with transparent and fair prices. We repair, install and maintain hardware and software for Windows and Apple Mac computers.


Online remote maintenance for Mac & Windows

Serious billing at 15-minute intervals

Secured by an encrypted connection, ComputerButler technicians connect to your computer online via the Internet, install new software, search for errors, fix them quickly and reliably or maintain your systems on a regular basis.


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