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Computer upgrade in Berlin - smart alternative to buying a new one

When games jerk on the screen and programs take forever to open, computer upgrading is an effective solution. You don't need to invest in a new PC. Upgrading a computer offers many benefits: the specific replacement of certain components, higher performance and more speed. An optimized PC eliminates the need to constantly deal with procedures and settings. The exchange of components is often cheaper compared to a new purchase. Overall, you gain more comfort in PC use.

The upgrade is not only suitable for older computers. In general, it is an effective option for optimally adapting the PC to your own needs. For example, if you have purchased a cheap computer from a discounter, you can upgrade the computer and have it expanded according to your ideas. In this area ComputerButler is an experienced partner in Berlin. Our services include the replacement of components such as hard drive, RAM, processor and graphics card.

When is it worth upgrading my computer?

It can often make sense to upgrade a PC about two to four years after buying it new. Changing a graphics card on a nine-year-old computer, on the other hand, should be well considered. The cost of the components and the requirements of the PC play an important role. New components should not overtax the performance of the computer. It always depends on the individual case to what extent the upgrade is worthwhile. Different requirements apply to the replaceable components of the computer:

The working memory

Upgrading the main memory (RAM) proves to be a measure with rapid effect. Because this main memory contains the open programs. The larger it is, the more applications can run simultaneously. Especially when editing graphics and videos, the stronger RAM shows its benefit and makes the processes faster. If there is little RAM, the computer will store data on the hard drive and run slower. You can upgrade the RAM to optimize multimedia applications and gaming.

Graphics card

The graphics card enables the computer to display the graphics by using CPU data to calculate the image. How worthwhile it is to replace it depends on the use of the computer. For gamers, this step usually brings effective benefits as detailed computer games require high resolution. You can also upgrade the computer in this way and benefit in other ways, as current graphics cards consume less power than older models. Under certain circumstances, this change requires the installation of a new suitable power supply for low-priced complete PCs. As a service provider, we implement all these measures quickly.


Changing the processor significantly affects the speed of the computer, which is especially advantageous in computer games. Beforehand, it is recommended to check the design of the existing CPU. If it is a model that was already five years earlier in the lower performance and price regions, a change is in order. The processor is located in a socket in the upper part of the mainboard. For the exchange, a metal lever is folded down, the CPU is inserted into the socket and fixed again with the lever. Depending on the model, it is also advisable to change the CPU cooler. It is often advisable to install this component before the mainboard. In addition to the increase in speed, the processor change leads to power savings. However, it entails a certain financial cost. Replacing other components like the graphics card or RAM can be more sensible as an alternative.


Some CPU changes require a new mainboard: The processor and its shape must fit into the socket. There are a few things to consider when installing a mainboard. It is screwed in the PC on the mainboard tray, but not directly. Before inserting the board, special spacers are screwed into the tray at the positions of the drill holes. In this way short circuits are avoided.


When it comes to storage space, upgrading computers can also achieve useful effects. With a fast solid-state disk (SSD) and classic hard disks (HDD), mass storage is available. The SSD is recommended for the operating system and frequently used programs, the HDD for data. Our team will gladly take care of the reinstallation required for the upgrade and the associated backup of all data for you.

How to upgrade a laptop ?

Upgrade a laptop is considered more challenging compared to the PC. But in fact, depending on the model, effective measures are possible. Expanding the working memory proves to be simple and effective. For example, Windows 10 in the 64-bit version achieves a higher working speed with 4 GB or 8 GB RAM. Replacing the hard drive with a larger version or a solid-state drive is also relatively uncomplicated. On the other hand, changing the CPU, which is often permanently installed, is problematic. Likewise, replacing the graphics card in a mobile computer often proves to be more complicated, especially in older models. The possibilities depend on the individual device.


A new purchase is not always necessary for a powerful PC. Under the motto "Upgrade your computer" you can often achieve effective optimizations at a fair price. Also for laptops there are interesting options for upgrades. As a provider of IT services, ComputerButler Berlin supports and advises you as a customer every step of the way. Please contact us.

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