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PC repairs Wilmersdorf

The failure of a PC or laptop is often a nerve-wracking affair for the owner. The work can not be done and the troubleshooting usually proves to be costly. The technicians of ComputerButler do not leave you alone and take care of the fast, professional repair of your computer in Wilmersdorf.

We repair all brands

Our many years of experience enable us to analyze and repair computers of all manufacturers. We check the device for weak points and provide you with low-cost solution proposals.

If you agree, our technicians will start with the repair. Our emergency service offers you a repair service around the clock in Berlin. If it is a PC that is perhaps part of a network, the on-site service of ComputerButler will convince you.

Our range of services

If a component on your computer refuses to work, we replace it quickly and inexpensively. You don't always have to replace your PC if it's already a few years old. Often an upgrade of the hardware ensures that your device is brought up to date. This not only saves you money, but also allows you to continue working in your usual routine.

Laptops and especially notebooks are important companions on business trips today. In the event of a defect, you may no longer be able to access appointment calendars, logs and other important files. ComputerButler locates the problem and ensures that you can use your device again.

Over time, dust accumulates in your computer, preventing proper ventilation of your device. Sensitive components no longer reach full performance or refuse to work. In our workshop in Berlin we help with an interior cleaning to increase the life of your laptop or PC.

We ensure the security of your data

The technicians of Computerbutler check your computer for viruses and remove them professionally. We make sure that your device has an up-to-date virus protection and the software is up to date. Gladly we support you with the data protection. Should data ever be lost, we help in Berlin with a professional data recovery.

Read what our customers say about us

Customer Opinion

Christiane Rudelsberger

When the IT systems do not work, it is important to have a partner who works extremely reliably, competently, flexibly and results-oriented. The friendliness, professionalism and discipline of the employees, especially when dealing with sensitive data, should be emphasized very positively. Colleagues and partners, to whom I have recommended ComputerButler, could convince themselves of these abilities and the way of working. The company ComputerButler is a valuable partner and I can always recommend them?

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Fast PC help and repair for your computer or notebook directly at your location

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