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Data recovery is more than just an IT service. Our team at ComputerButler offers customers extensive support around data recovery. We recover data from a defective carrier such as a hard drive or a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) and make it accessible for use again. With recovery, we save our clients from the unpleasant consequences of data loss. The tedious collection and recreation of files is no longer necessary. In the business sector, data recovery saves extensive financial follow-up costs. For your data you will find solutions for any drive from hard disk to Raid to USB stick. Learn more about our data recovery services for storage media and systems in this overview.


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Data recovery hard disk

ComputerButler offers data recovery for internal and external hard drives. The first step is the analysis. Then, depending on the case, the data recovery and hard drive repair follow. In case of a defective data medium, you should not hesitate to seek help. We recover deleted data from older hard disk variants as well as from newer HDD models.

Data recovery SSD

SSD (Solid-State-Drive) are characterized by speed and quiet operation. They allow far more write cycles than conventional hard drives. SSDs have no moving parts and are therefore insensitive to shocks. Nevertheless, it can come to the loss of stored data. Then the SSD data recovery helps. Accidentally deleted data can be recovered under certain circumstances. Because the system of the SSD initially only releases lines for overwriting. If no new data has been written to the drive, the relevant cells can still be read out. If the drive is no longer recognized by a computer, the data recovery should be done by professionals. SSD data recovery is a complex process. ComputerButler carries out all necessary measures with professional competence. It ranges from the removal of the semiconductors with the memory cells from the drive to the connection of these data carriers with a controller to the reconstruction of the data.

Data recovery USB sticks

With low weight, handy size and a lot of potential in storage capacities, USB sticks are popular media for data. They are easy to use, but do not offer the highest data security. With frequent use, the risk of faulty functions increases. Signs of damaged USB sticks are the computer not recognizing the data medium, missing files or complications when opening certain files. Data recovery is a helpful option when a USB flash drive breaks or its file system has errors. Users who want to repair their data drive themselves are not left with many options. They can try to optimize their USB flash drive by cleaning the contacts. However, if the memory chip or the circuit board is damaged, this measure will have no effect. For the treatment of a USB stick with a faulty file system, a professional USB data recovery is recommended. A recovery software is used to create a copy. In this way, experts avoid irreversible damage to the file system. The memory slot can also be desoldered from a defective stick and data can be read out. Basically, there is no uniform standard for USB sticks. The chances of success in the repair depend on the individual case. Our offer includes data rescue and data recovery for memory sticks.

RAID data recovery

Due to its organizational structure of several mass storage devices, a RAID offers high security for data compared to other storage variants. Nevertheless, malfunctions can occur with a hard disk RAID. The reason for the failure of the systems can be the failure of the hard disks, for example due to overheating. But also configuration losses, faulty calculations of parity information or defective controllers are possible causes for data loss. With professional experience and competence our team takes over the data recovery in these cases. We know how these systems work and how they are structured and we recover RAID arrays. The hard disks are first reconstructed individually. Different data carriers are suitable for providing the information gained through data recovery: new replacement hard disks, the original array (depending on its condition) or customer-specific variants. For a RAID in the sensitive business area, we thus offer the secure reconstruction of data. If you try to fix data errors on RAID systems yourself, you can cause serious errors. Professional data recovery is the effective countermeasure here. ComputerButler is your partner for this.

Data recovery NAS systems

NAS (Network Attached Storage) are drives directly connected to the network that act as data distributors. The systems offer high storage power, but are not completely protected against failures despite redundant storage. For example, damaged hard drives can cause errors in the folder structure. Corrupt files, virus attacks or shocks are also possible causes of damage. In such cases, data recovery for NAS systems in the clean room is the solution for recovery. The services include their collection, analysis, data recovery, restore and rebuild of the servers. Our experienced team will assist you in recovering data from NAS drives.

Loss of data? Call your data recovery experts

If files on the computer can no longer be opened, folders disappear from the NAS system or other data is lost, rely on professional support. Our experienced team at ComputerButler offers comprehensive services from reconstruction of your data from USB stick to hard drive repair to Raid data recovery. Give us a call.

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